China Daily, the most widely circulated English-language newspaper in China, holds a pivotal role in shaping global perceptions of China. The newspaper is broadening its frontiers as it plans to launch its metaverse and NFT platform. This marks a milestone considering China’s ban on crypto transactions from 2021.

China Daily is offering $390,000 (2.813 million Chinese yuan) to a third-party contractor for creating an NFT platform. What sets this opportunity apart is its inclusivity, as contractors can be based in China or any other country. However, one crucial requirement is expertise in blockchain technology.

To ensure the success of this endeavor, the NFT platform must be able to handle over 10,000 transactions per second. Aspiring contractors keen on seizing this opportunity should note that the application deadline is set for October 17. Additionally, the selected contractor must be prepared to complete the platform’s design within a concise three-month timeframe.

China Daily

Beyond the technicalities, China Daily’s vision for the NFT platform extends to cultural promotion. This platform holds the potential to be more than just a marketplace; it is a gateway to broaden the reach of Chinese culture. Achieving this vision entails the utilization of innovative technologies, including metaverse, NFTs, cloud computing, and more. 

The platform could also facilitate the listing of digital collectibles on renowned NFT marketplaces, like OpenSea and LooksRare, enhancing its reach.

Final Words 

In a world where regulations clash with innovation, China Daily’s initiative is a reminder that technology can transcend boundaries. It raises the question: Can a nation truly control the decentralized future or will the metaverse be the new frontier of limitless possibilities? 

Although China’s ban on cryptocurrency transactions, there have been blockchain initiatives from the country. For example, some Chinese cities, like Nanjing, Sichuan, Beijing, and Shanghai, have taken steps into the Web3 world. We look forward to seeing more blockchain-based innovations from China!