Line Next has announced the launch of its second Web3 game, Sweet Monster Guardians, on its gaming platform called Game Dosi.

Sweet Monster Guardians integrates NFTs into its gameplay and takes inspiration from the well-loved South Korean character brand, Sweet Monster. However, the global release of Sweet Monster Guardians is not include South Korea, Japan, and China.

In May, Game Dosi unveiled its inaugural gaming lineup comprising five genre titles, from RPG and simulation to social network gaming. These titles include Sweet Monster, Keroz, Project GD, V.L.O., and DKR.

Sweet Monsters are the bearers of joy and come together to safeguard their town from unexpected events. Players have the freedom to choose from a range of gameplay options. They can strategically employ their character cards to attack foes and merge identical cards to boost their abilities. Players can also engage in real-time battles against other players in multiplayer mode.

Sweet Monster made its debut in the international market in 2014. Line, Asia’s messaging giant, adopted a unique approach to its business model, which extended to its gaming subsidiary, Line Next. 

Instead of concentrating solely on domestic markets for business expansion, Line opted to capitalize on Korea’s first character in the food and beverage industry. Over time, they transformed this character into a global brand with a focus on desserts, like chocolate, popcorn, and cake.

Since then, this global brand has expanded Sweet Monster’s narrative by broadening its IP character licensing. Line Next has additionally forged collaborations across various content creation realms, including gaming, animation, mobile messaging, and more.

Concurrently with the launch of the game, Game Dosi has also initiated the sale of Sweet Monster NFTs, commencing on October 6. These NFTs can be utilized as “gaming profiles” to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Also, Line Next has kickstarted an alpha test for its inaugural in-house title derived from the Project GD intellectual property. This alpha test involves a trading card game where players amass digital cards and engage in one-on-one matches against adversaries. It is currently ongoing until October 19.

Throughout the alpha test, Game Dosi Membership NFT holders will be granted complimentary NFTs for use in acquiring in-game items. Additionally, individuals who report game glitches will receive NFT rewards for their valuable contributions.