What is Costa Coffee?

Costa Coffee was brought to life by Sergio and Bruno Costa on Fenchurch Street, London in 1971. The sibling duo blind-tested over 110 coffee variations before deciding upon one to be their signature coffee blend. To date, Mocha Italia has been the unique blend used by Costa Coffee to create the finest coffee and caffeine drinks. The blend is an excellent combination of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans carefully roasted at a gradual pace for at least 18 minutes to preserve their taste, aroma, and flavor. 

What is Artisan Lab?

Footwear is a common necessity of life, and Artisan Lab is proud to be a producer of such. With a mission to substitute excess for quality, sustainability, and individuality, Artisan Lab makes use of a thorough and efficient manufacturing model, from selecting raw materials to finishing, in order to create high-value, limited shoes. The footwear brand stands for design, craftsmanship, and fairness.

The Beginning of Something New for Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee has begun its journey into the exciting world of NFTs. The British dealer of energized caffeine drinks, which has been in business for half a century, has decided to collaborate with footwear designer, Artisan Lab, to drop NFT-supported physical sneakers.

The Drip 1 collection consists of 20 pairs of coffee-dyed handmade sneakers. The footwears’ brownish color signifies Costa Coffee’s signature Mocha Italia blend. This hybrid Web3 project, featuring traits of both coffee and fashion, comes as part of the celebration of the world’s Coffee Day on November 23. The Drip 1 collectibles are exclusively accessible through a competition on the coffee manufacturer’s TikTok channel. Each of the sneakers would have its own serial number and winners would receive tokenized certificates of authenticity.

The founder and creative director of Artisan Lab, Riccardo Gismondi, shares his delight in the partnership by saying “Italian heritage, premium quality, and authenticity are the DNA of Artisan Lab. Sharing the same core values with Costa Coffee, we couldn’t be happier to create this amazing collaboration. A perfect celebration of what we both stand for and work hard every day to deliver.”.

This update is coming just two months after coffee retailer giant, Starbucks, announced its plans for Polygon-based Starbucks Odyssey. 

There is also the Bored Breakfast Club Project, which allowed tokenholders of any of the 5,000 NFTs in the collection to receive a special, limited-edition coffee blend. 

An NFT in the Bored Breakfast Club Collection, source: Twitter

There are many more similar projects in the coffee industry. The rise of NFT, crypto, and Web3 applications in the industry will increase the much-demanded transparency of coffee manufacturing processes.