InterContinental, the international luxury hotel, decided to enter the race for NFTs, following the steps of numerous companies. 

Recently, the brand has collaborated with a renowned British artist called Claire Luxton to produce a unique set of NFTs that will come with great benefits including premium travel rewards. Both parties reported that the 10 exclusive NFTs will serve to illustrate the brand’s storied heritage with a natural flora and fauna signature.

Claire Luxton

The NFT set will contain artwork that portrays the blue and yellow macaw, in reference to InterContinental’s first hotel in Belém, Brazil, as well as the panther chameleon which represents InterContinental Resort Mauritius on Balaclava Bay.

Each of the ten NFTs will be customized and unique. Claire Luxton is a famous international artist whose physical works are usually valued between $3000 to $5000 per print. The luxury hotel however won’t be the only one benefitting. Each NFT will contain a rare utility that adds value to the NFT beyond the artwork itself. The owner might be able to benefit from an InterContinental Ambassador status and reach exceptional gains and elevated recognition with Platinum Elite status in the entirely redesigned IHG One Rewards program. Owners will also enjoy a free-of-charge one-night stay at the new InterContinental Rome Ambasciatori Palace, opening in 2023.

Claire Luxton stated:

“Many have asked me to create a collection of collectible NFTs, but it was important to wait for the right partnership. Given the established relationship I’ve built with InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, it was only natural to collaborate. The brand’s ability to transcend a multitude of cultures is inspiring and the project has let me transform my original work for InterContinental into contemporary digital artworks. Each is a memento of the elegance of worldly travel—a theme at the heart of our partnership. Giving guests of IHG Hotels & Resorts a chance to experience art in new ways, the collection will enable people to collect my work digitally for the first time and bring a new wave of art appreciators into the InterContinental fold.”

For the collaboration, the vice president of IHG Hotels and Resorts, Tom Rowntree stated: 

 “As our ethos of discovery and modern luxury continues to evolve, we are excited to launch this next iteration of our ongoing collaboration with Claire Luxton. Aiming to push boundaries and establish an inspiring new streak of creativity, the exclusive collection will see InterContinental Hotels & Resorts connect with both culture and guests in a contemporary way. This collaboration enables a unique experience that encapsulates the forward-thinking approach of InterContinental Hotels & Resorts.”

The first five of the brand’s NFTs will be available exclusively to members of IHG One Rewards with future activations to follow. This will be achieved through an auction process in which the bidders can use their points to bid on five NFTs via the IHG One Rewards auction platform. The bidding has already been announced and will close on the 9th of December.