On October 18, Macy’s made its first appearance in the metaverse by introducing its innovative digital fashion platform, Mstylelab. The platform’s move involves showcasing Macy’s newest fashion collection, On 34th, which debuted in July.

Macy’s plans to empower users with Mstylelab, providing a secure atmosphere and engaging interaction, welcoming discovery, self-representation, and increased connectivity. This experience is further shaped by the partnership with Journee, a specialist in creating immersive digital environments

As the head of Americas at Journee, Erika Lang, stated: 

“We are excited to partner with a world-renowned brand like Macy’s to showcase the future of fashion retail. This is a unique metaverse activation that will bring this type of immersive experience to a broader audience.” 


Customers may visit the platform via the site of Macy’s. Once customers select a username and design their digital identity, they may engage with a virtual environment influenced by New York. Also, they can have fun with the On 34th collection’s digital clothes.

Within the platform, users will meet “star checkpoints”. These checkpoints enable them to obtain a customized digital t-shirt matching their digital fabric selected when creating their account. 

Initially, the digitized textile is not an NFT, but it is projected to convert into one later. The company has assigned a virtual wallet address to all Mstylelab users in anticipation of impending NFTs.


As Thanksgiving approaches, Macy’s plans to offer its latest iteration of the Thanksgiving Day Parade metaverse event. The 97th annual Thanksgiving Day Parade is set to be on November 23 in New York City. It will mark the launch of the international NFT brand Cool Cats as the first NFT collection to appear at this yearly holiday event.