Greetings through the lights of NFTs!

In the article, we would like to mention a unique NFT project called The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy, today’s sale of the project, and the future goals of the team behind the project.

The Story of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy

Fabricated Madness, that is an entertainment company focusing on NFT games and animation storytelling, created The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy. The project is a unique trading card project focused on high-quality artwork and story on the WAX Blockchain. The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy is based on the story of a doctor in a sci-fi fantasy universe. In the story, Dr. Zammsy encountered a viral attack coming from another dimension to his universe, and he must save his world from the attack. NFT collectors can view the NFT trading cards of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy fascinatingly and read detailed card backs involving the storytelling content. Also, individuals can study the backstories of Dr. Zammsy in order to reach hints which can be used to solve the puzzles on Hence, The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy gathers art and story!

The team behind the project has a partnership with Onessus, the developers of unique crypto called VOID Token. Onessus is incorporating their VOID crypto into The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy Card Battle Game, we will talk about the game in a few paragraphs, for the play-to-earn economy. In addition to the trading cards and the future card battle game of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy, the team presents weekly podcast, and you can check it via Now, that is the time for talking about today’s sale of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy.

Today’s Sale (November, 9): The Collab of Dr. Zammsy, HodlGod, and VOID

On November 9, 2021, Fabricated Madness is launching their staking partnership with Onessus and the VOID Token; players will be able to stake Dr. Zammsy NFT trading cards and earn VOID Token crypto. The collab drop of Dr. Zammsy and HodlGod will start at 12 pm, and it will last only 2 hours. You can access the drop by Nefty Blocks. In the sale, individuals will encounter the amazing blends of the worlds of Dr. Zammsy and HodlGod. For instance, some cards involve a woodland environment which was thought of by getting inspired from the first HodlGod gameplay trailers while the sword on the cards came from Dr. Zammsy’s world. Thanks to the partnership between Fabricated Madness and Onessus, all Dr. Zammsy’s collectibles will become stakable on WhenStaking immediately after the sale! This HodlGod-Dr Zammsy collection has a total of 15 cards, and, probably, individuals want to get all of the cards in order to complete the full 15-parts story. Before the sale, you can examine Dr. Zammsy’s current battle cards via and Set 2 Packs and sold out Set 1 via

Long-term Plans of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy: 3D Card Battle Game

Now, we would like to mention the long-term plans of the team. Firstly, the team has partnered with a game studio called Robot Sea Monster Games in order to build a card battle game incorporating Dr. Zammsy’s NFTs into gameplay, and the game will be launched in quarter 1 of 2022. For this reason, players should collect the NFTs to use them in the game for fighting with the destructive virus. Moreover, players will earn VOID as they win. In addition to the game, the team is planning to release a ten-episode animated series on a streaming service, so the team has partnered with Matt Lyon who is an entertainment writer and creative producer in order to develop the series. Lastly, there will be a documentary film called Dr. Z NFT in which the journey of Fabricated Madness is the subject. The film will be in film festivals and on streaming services.

The trailer of The Chronicles of Dr. Zammsy’s Card Battle Game