11:11 Media, owned by Paris Hilton, has introduced a metaverse encounter by unveiling Slivingland within the Roblox platform.

Hilton introduced the term “sliving” in 2019, merging the concepts of “slaying” and “living your best life”. The name “Slivingland” was inspired by the coined term.

Hilton’s Fans Are Guaranteed A Mindblowing Experience

Crafted to function as an entertainment hub, Slivingland is poised to become a haven of creativity. It is a virtual arena tailored to cater to Paris Hilton’s followers, which surpasses 70 million worldwide. 

Slivingland’s purpose is to create an immersive encounter in Roblox. It will unite fans to enjoy various entertainment offerings from Paris Hilton and 11:11 Media. These include introducing new music, podcasts, TV shows, films, and innovative partnerships with captivating brands.

Paris Hilton stated about her new experience: 

“I couldn’t be more excited about my newest collaboration with Roblox. Slivingland is all about bringing my fans together from around the world to engage in a world of fun, fashion, and friendship. It’s a place where we can connect, create, and live together, making unforgettable memories in a whole new virtual universe.”

On August 25, Hilton will inaugurate Slivingland with an exclusive virtual concert. The event will seamlessly merge her globally acclaimed DJ skills with the virtual domain, bridging reality and the digital realm.

During an interview, Cynthia Miller, the Director of Web3 and Metaverse at 11:11 Media, described Slivingland. She said a team of 20 individuals purposefully crafted Slivingland as an immersive encounter that encapsulates creativity, entertainment, and collaboration.

Influential allies, including Hilton Hotels, Klarna, NBC, iHeart Media, and Taco Bell, back Slivingland. This groundbreaking initiative is set to amplify Hilton’s already striking presence within Roblox. It will completely transform how brands engage with their audiences in the digital epoch. 

The emergence of Slivingland charts a pioneering path for a novel era of narrative experiences and immersive intersections with brands.

In honour of Slivingland’s debut, Hilton will unveil ten exclusive digital fashion creations inspired by the legendary Y2K fashion trend. These unique fashion, like sparkling pink Sliving Suit and pink headphones, ensembles will be available for eight weeks from the beginning of August.

The Queen Of Metaverse Strikes Again!

In 2021, well ahead of others contemplating Metaverse, Paris Hilton emerged among the initial celebrities to join Roblox. Her role as a trailblazer and visionary in this realm has consistently been evident, setting her apart. 

Hilton’s previous engagements in the metaverse realm include collaborations with RSTLSS and The Sandbox, exemplifying her metaverse-agnostic stance. However, Miller emphasized that Slivingland is one of Hilton’s pivotal launches this year.