With the help of its cryptocurrency subdivision called Intella X‘s new $10 million gaming initiative grant platform, South Korean game publisher Neowiz wants to support the development of Web3 games for the Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

Jose Ko, the CEO of Intella X, stated that the funding project will actively shape the future of Web3 gaming as well as foster a thriving gaming ecosystem. 

The assessment process for the program including an interview and due diligence by the Intella X Grant Committee will take a few weeks to a month. Applicants can submit their applications via the website of Intella X. 

The committee will evaluate the proposals comprehensively, taking into account factors, like potential effect, creativity, practicality, sustainability, and its suitability with Intella X’s goals.

This funding program intends to nurture creativity, give game developers more control, and encourage the implementation of blockchain technology in the gaming sector. 

Intella X and NEOWIZ are dedicated to grow their Web3 gaming ecosystem by providing financial assistance and resources to brilliant game developers. 

About Neowiz and Intella X

The South Korean traditional game producer Neowiz is one of several traditional game companies looking at the possibilities of Web3 gaming. In addition to the DJMax series, Crossfire, Brave Nine, Sanabi, Lies of P, and Tapsonic, Neowiz has also developed a number of independent, mobile, and PC games.

Despite having only a few Web3 games in the ecosystem, Intella X is working on expanding its library. It is now working on two Web3 adaptations of the well-known mobile game Cats & Soup, the RPG Brave Nine, and the shooter A.V.A. EOS Gold. The Web3 version of the mobile MMORPG EOS Red is also located there.