Popular musical artist and NFT collector Steve Aoki is rewarding his fans for the one-year anniversary of the A0K1VERSE. 

What is A0K1VERSE?

The A0K1VERSE includes various features, like virtual concerts, interactive experiences, and social spaces, where users can connect with each other. It is a place where fans can engage with Steve Aoki and other artists in new and exciting ways, and it is designed to be accessible from anywhere in the world.

Steve Aoki has said that he sees A0K1VERSE as a way to push the boundaries of what is possible with music and technology. He has also said that he wants the A0K1VERSE metaverse to be a place where fans can experience the power of music to bring people together and create meaningful connections.

Steve Aoki

A0K1VERSE rewards its members with Season 2

As one of the first artists to enter into the Web3 space, Steve Aoki is celebrating A0K1VERSE’s anniversary with season two. 

The new season is packed with exciting rewards for Aoki’s fans. Each Passport holder will receive free tickets to Steve Aoki’s concerts and much more! 

There are different rewards for Passport holders falling in each of the six categories: Infrared, Electric Green, Neon Blue, Ultraviolet, Phantom, and Prizm. 

Passport holders in each category will enjoy rewards coupled with that of the preceding category. These benefits include live chat with Aoki, pre-sale access to his NFT projects, exclusive access to rare collectibles signed by the two-time Grammy nominee artist, free VIP entry to an Aoki Foundation event, huge discounts on Dim Mak wearables and a special personalized Las Vegas experience with Steve Aoki.

As part of the anniversary’s celebration, A0K1VERSE will be releasing a collection of Aoki x Reuko NFTs. These assets will be sold live at a public auction for 0.02 ETH each and will come with a burn mechanism.

To keep up with the requests and expectations of A0K1VERSE, members will have to pay a small subscription fee for every season per Passport from late March. This decision is mainly as a result of the most recent crypto winter and some significant changes in the NFT space. 

Hence, the renewal fee, which will be implemented in the coming month or so, will allow the A0K1Verse to provide value to its members, simultaneously ensuring that the project stays alive.