Leading Web3 domain provider Unstoppable Domains is dispersing AI-generated NFT profile pictures. 

The company is aiding its users in building up their virtual identities. Ryan Le from Research & Development announced the update in a blog post.

Like the popular AI photography software Lensa, the Web3 domain provider has developed an AI avatar software that collates a number of pictures to form one-of-a-kind, computer-generated avatars. 

For a fee of $14.99, users can upload up to 20 personal images and access 200 AI avatars with ten distinct art forms within an hour.

Unstoppable offers AI-generated NFT avatars.

These generated AI avatars can be minted as NFTs on Polygon and used as profile pictures on Unstoppable Domains. Interested parties can also buy the minted profile pictures on OpenSea in the Unstoppable: AI Art NFT Collection. Once users mint their new profile pictures as NFTs, the domain provider will assign a badge to memorialize the mint.

Unstoppable’s Senior Director of Engineering, Lisa DeLuca, commented about the extraordinary capabilities of AI. DeLuca stated that AI “adds a technical flair” to who users are in “a digital representation” that allows their creativity

She added:

“It also shows that you’re experimenting in the space of AI. It just allows you to nerd out a little bit when you’re showing off your digital identity.”

Unstoppable Domains Partners With Major Players In Web3

The domain provider has been relentless in becoming prominent in Web3.

In the first quarter of 2022, Unstoppable Domains decided to advance its collaboration with Opera to offer new domains to users. In November, the Web3 domain provider allied with Web3 gaming provider Kryptomon to allocate unique verification badges to Kryptomon holders. Shortly after, Unstoppable Domains partnered with Relic Tickets to release a lasting proof of attendance for its users. 

From these partnerships and Web3 experience, we can understand that Unstoppable Domains is a very active domain provider in the space!