Art is a voice that often expresses creativity, ideas, and beliefs. It is woven intricately with humanity and has existed from time immemorial. Although art is a norm, it could also be a ticket to jail – in Russia. 

After Pussy Riot’s 2012 performance of “Punk Prayer” outside Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral, a law was enacted to prevent a recurrence. The feminist group did not back down but continued its activities, recently releasing an NFT art imploring Virgin Mary to become a feminist. 

This art is causing a stir and the Russian government is accusing Pussy Riot’s founder, Nadya Tolokonnikova, of breaking ‘the Pussy Riot law’. She has been declared wanted.

According to the criminal case papers issued by Russian authorities, their activism has taken a disdainful turn – showing disregard for an “image revered in Christianity”. 

The latest art showcases the classical image of the Virgin Mary in a way to visually portrays the vagina. The government believes that the NFT art is aimed at offending the religious sentiments of Christians.

Pussy Riot released an NFT of Virgin Mary.
Pussy Riot’s NFT about Virgin Mary

In response to the recent development, Nadya stated that she understands that by being a political activist, she’s putting her own safety at risk. However, under threat, the team will not cower in fear. They will continue to fight by using the crypto resources at their disposal.

Activism in two spheres: Nadya Tolokonnikova 

Nadya Tolokonnikova is an activist, artist, and musician who is known for her activism in the political and Web3 space. 

She launched UnicornDAO in March 2022 alongside Rebecca Lamis and John Caldwell to promote equality in the Web3 sphere. She also partnered with PleasrDAO and Trippy Labs to raise funds for Ukrainian victims of the Russian Invasion. 

She teamed up with Rolling Stone to release an NFT collection dubbed “Matriarchy Now” to address issues plaguing the society.