Web3 browsing application Opera has decided to expand its partnership with leading crypto web domain provider Unstoppable Domains. 

Now, Opera users can develop and access Web3 platforms supported by Unstoppable Domains on the Opera Browser (available on Android and Desktop) and the Opera Crypto Browser. Also, users will be able to use Unstoppable Domains to transfer their digital assets through their Opera Crypto Wallet. Consequently, the leading provider of Web3 identity will enable more global users to access their Web3 domains.

Jorgen Arnesen, the executive vice president at Opera Mobile, shared:

“This collaboration means our users can safely and securely access Web3 content through every version of the Opera browser. Unstoppable Domains offers powerful mechanisms for anyone to take control of their digital identity and forge a new relationship with the internet itself.” 

The first time Opera and Unstoppable Domains formed a partnership was in 2021. Then, their focus was to support Opera’s major domains (.crypto and .zil), and, later on, they worked on users accessing Polygon-based domains.

Their most recent collaboration will allow users to build their digital identities and explore them on Opera’s Web3-supported browsers. Users can “safely browse Web3 without the risk of being tracked” due to Opera Browser’s Adblocker, Trackerblocker, and VPN.

To celebrate this innovative collaboration, Opera users can claim a free .nft domain that matches their Twitter usernames. To do this, they must verify their accounts, check whether their free Web3 domain is available or not, and update their Twitter profiles with their Web3 domain name. 

Now, anyone can create a Web3 site, like sandy.crypto or mago.x, using their Unstoppable domains. This website will be visible on Opera’s Web3-enabled browsers that provide native support for the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). IPFS support makes sure websites are completely owned by users. 

Unstoppable Domains ensure their owners own the identity and content without the possibility of takedowns or DDoS attacks. In addition, this collaboration is simplifying the ease at which users can transition to Web3 by eliminating the need for long and complex wallet addresses.