What is Kryptomon?

Kryptomon is a Web3 game provider, and the gaming company intends to take Metaverse gaming to the next phase of blockchain, virtual genetics, and location-oriented technologies. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Kryptomon started in 2021 and is one step closer to its dream of improving the blockchain gaming experience.

The game takes place in the Kryptomon metaverse. Players, otherwise known as Trainers, are given the task of caring for, feeding, and training their NFT Kryptomoms in preparation for future battles. Each of these pet beasts has its personal specific and mutable genetic configuration of 38 random traits that make up its physical and behavioral features. Like actual pets, these pet characters are capable of getting hungry, safeguarding their owners, learning, and becoming ill.

What is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains is the leading Web3 domain provider that bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 via blockchain domains. They stem from a collection of Ethereum smart contracts known as Crypto Name Service (CNS). These smart contracts dictate how blockchain domains are formed and used. Every CNS domain is issued as an NFT.

These blockchain domains, known as Unstoppable Domains, allow their owners to build a web address linked to a blockchain. This address converts a crypto wallet address to an easily read name that links to decentralized applications and exchange platforms. Currently, Unstoppable Domains are supported by OpenSea, Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, and many other platforms.

These addresses eliminate the need for the receiving public key address in a transaction. Unlike its predecessors, Unstoppable Domains offers its clients complete control over the domains they create.

Kryptomon Comes Together With Unstoppable Domains 

On November 11, Kryptomon announced its collaboration with Unstoppable Domains. 

The exclusive partnership will give Kryptomon token owners a one-of-a-kind verification badge that will be showcased on their Unstoppable Domains account. Now, users will be able to access the Kryptomon Team Marketplace with their blockchain domains.

Another feature of this partnership is that Kryptomon NFT owners will receive $50 in their Unstoppable Domains account to verify their identity on the Web3 domain provider. To redeem this $50 voucher, Kryptomon token holders must find their way to Unstoppable Domains website, and they will receive a one-time code via email. Kryptomon NFT owners with an Unstoppable Domains account can use the gifted $50 to buy domains immediately. Those who don’t have an Unstoppable Domains profile will be asked to create one.

Furthermore, the unique Unstoppable Domains login system (SSO) will be integrated into Kryptomon’s games, which would simplify the coming onboard of new players and logging in of existing players. There will be chances in the coming days for clients of Unstoppable Domains to buy unique domains with the suffix .Kryptomon and .kmon.