Artificial intelligence is slowly but surely permeating into the crypto space. Some AI cryptos are on their way to establishing their presence in Web3. Another is on its way to join these top five AI cryptos to check out this year.

Alethea AI has joined forces with Layer 2 network, Polygon, to release interactive AI-driven non-fungible tokens (NFTs); the company will enable its owners to build NFT avatars by simply entering text-constructed commands.

About Alethea AI

Alethea AI is a technology company specializing in developing and deploying AI-based solutions for businesses. It offers services, such as natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning, to help companies improve their operations and gain insights from data. It also provides solutions for industries, such as finance, healthcare, and retail.

CharacterGPT: A Set Of Interactive AI-Driven NFTs

This NFT project has been given the title of CharacterGPT and is expected to compete with and, perhaps, perform better than the likes of Open AI’s Dall-E 2. According to the company, CharacterGPT “goes beyond traditional text to image engines to generate fully interactive and intelligent AI characters with a single-line prompt in natural language”.

If you wish to become a holder of NFTs in this collection, check out on the Polygon dApp. The decentralized application was created by Alethea AI and was launched with a tokenized version of the co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal. According to a statement by the NFT’s developers, the virtual Nailwal is “a 1/1 AI collectible that is modeled on his writings, public statements, and interviews”.

The COO of Alethea AI, Ahmad Matyana, has enumerated a number of uses of CharacterGPT. It can create engaging and intelligent characters that users can use as AI companions, virtual guides, or non-player characters in games. Celebrities can also employ this NFT project to build virtual twins of themselves that will act as virtual companions for their fans. Furthermore, CharacterGPT can serve as digital guides that can be employed in Metaverse, in museums, in games, in stadiums, and many others to engage with users. Hence, CharacterGPT is a successful development for various use cases.