The card game inspired by of Might & Magic universe is back! Unique mechanics, heated battles and generous rewards! Lands, quests & tournaments! Immerse yourself in your favorite universe with the new NFT game Towersmash!

Towersmash is an NFT game that includes three different game modes called PVE & Quest Mode, Player vs. Player Mode, and Tournament Mode. The game is checked and whitelisted by WAX and Atomichub, so you can have fun conveniently with the game! Also, we should remark that you will encounter a whitepaper and roadmap with high quality on

In the game, there are 500+ various NFTs and a unique land system with landlords voting. Furthermore, there is a quest system for PVE & Unique Bosses, and Towersmash has a huge live community on Discord, so you can follow the developments in the game by

Art Contest of Towersmash

If you want to deal with fun, you can participate in the art, story, and meme contests of Towersmash. Also, we would like to mention that the promo of Towersmash already traded on Atomichub with big value!

There will be very few packs in the sale on 22 December 2021. The team behind Towersmash is not trying to raise as much money as possible. Their goal is to form a loyal community. With this, they will continue their journey in the NFT world.

Important Dates and Information about the Sales:

Whitelist sale on 22 December 2021 at 16:00 UTC:

Knight pack involving 300 packs / Price 45$ (purchase in wax)

Wizard pack involving 200 packs / Price 75$ (purchase in wax)

Necro pack involving 130 packs / Price 155$ (purchase in wax)

Whitelist sale’s link:

Public sale on 22 December 2021 at 16:30 UTC:

Knight pack involving 450 packs / Price 45$ (purchase in wax)

Wizard pack involving 250 packs / Price 75$ (purchase in wax)

Necro pack involving 150 packs / Price 155$ (purchase in wax )

Public sale’s link:

*Also, you can find Towersmash’s all cards with common rarity on their Discord library by

Alpha Game Footage