NFT Battle Miners (aka NBM) is a P2E gaming project based on the WAX blockchain

NBM launched in mid-September staking of NFTs, and people can mine four things by the staking: resources (actium, minium, fusium, and constructium), WAX, NBM NFTs, and partnership pool NFTs. The next big feature coming out this month is a beta of a PVP card game.

First, let’s start with presenting NBM NFTs:

Land cards are simply lands while constructions you can imagine as factories or facilities that are placed on lands, and active cards you can imagine as workers. To be able to start your mining operation you need at least 1 land and 1 active card.

What differentiates NBM from most of the other staking/mining games is that a single NFT doesn’t do much by itself; to achieve exceptional production, users need to combine them into mining rigs. There is a mining calculator that helps with experimenting on different combinations:

Each of those 3 types of cards has a set of values that tell how efficient the card is in different aspects.

Active Cards
Land Cards
Construction Cards

Next, let’s talk about what users are earning by playing NBM:

1. Resources (trading on Alcor)

2. WAX


– 0.1% to receive a survival Pack

– 9% to receive an Active card pack

– 45.9% to receive a random Active card LVL 1 Common

– 45% to receive a Card piece

4. Partnership pool NFTs


NBM platform most popular features:

1. Preview and advanced market filtering:

2. Mini games section for users that have at least 1 Active card:

3. Creating a mining operation, access to the WAX pool preview and Mining calculator:

4. Pack opening place:

5. Lucky Draw:

6. Blending:

7. Wallet:

8. Library of all cards:

9. Boosters preview:

10. Auction place:

11. NBM shop:

12. NBM sales:

13. Voting place:

14. Liquidity pool providers leaderboard:


Game website:

The team behind the project:

Main community hub on Discord:

NBM collection:


Guide articles and tutorials: (Roadmap is the final reference, as Medium articles are translated on multiple languages, updating takes a bit longer, so there can be found few outdated details, but overall serves as a great starter before diving in the Roadmap.)

Alcor exchange where users can buy/sell/swap resources, or take part as a liquidity pool provider and earn rewards:

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