Spielworks has enthusiastically embraced Atomic Hub as the latest addition to its products and services. 

This acquisition marks Spielworks’ commitment to safeguarding and advancing the Atomic Hub NFT marketplace and its associated components. Moreover, the company is dedicated to seamlessly incorporating its Wombat wallet and the $WOMBAT token into the platform.

Users can anticipate improved experiences in browsing, trading, and collecting non-fungible assets. Moreover, Spielworks might redirect its extensive user base towards Atomic Hub on various platforms, particularly EOS and ImmutableX.

Atomic Hub boasts robust functionalities, including Atomic Hub GameFest, Atomic Ads, the Launchpad, the Creator toolkit, and NFT Trading. WAX.io aims to uphold these features, ensuring seamless operations in the initial phase before embarking on substantial development initiatives.

Adrian Krion, the CEO and co-founder of Spielworks, stated about the acquisition: 

“We’re very excited about all the prospects opening up for us and Atomic Hub. Drawing from our strengths and experiences, together with the Atomic Hub team, we are committed to bringing asset trading and Web3 gaming to a whole new level, setting a new standard for the industry.”  

What is Spielworks?

Spielworks is a prominent blockchain startup connecting Web3 and traditional gaming founded in 2018. It has a track record of fostering innovation and expansion. It boasts over 3.8 million registered users and sustains an active daily user base of 65,000. 

At the core of its ecosystem lies the Wombat app, which offers many features, including a digital wallet and a platform for crypto rewards. Users can enjoy a launchpad for over 100 prominent Web3 and traditional games with AA and AAA support. 

Furthermore, it is the driving force behind Wombat Dungeon Master, one of the top 15 NFT staking games, where users have staked over 1.5 million NFTs. 

The company is developing a new game titled “Dungeon Worlds”, incorporating user-owned NFT staking experiences into its gameplay.

What is Atomic Hub?

Atomic Hub is an NFT marketplace that lets you create, trade, buy, and sell NFTs. It is the busiest NFT marketplace in the world with millions of users. 

The marketplace is built on the WAX blockchain and supports the AtomicAssets standard, which makes NFT transactions fast, cheap, and easy to use. 

The platform has features for creators and collectors. These include a user-friendly interface for creating and listing NFTs, tools for managing NFT collections, and support for multiple wallets.