What is Novopangea?

Novopangea is a community driven multi-player economy on the WAX blockchain. It will be a PVP game where the lore is the heart and soul of the project.

Novopangea is a fantasy world covering 6 unique realms sharing one giant landmass. Each realm has their own characters, creatures, and beliefs that come to life in the project’s team detailed artwork and storytelling.

‘’Will it be a world of peace or war? The community will decide!’’

You can build your economy in this NFT-based game; you can acquire Land, Buildings, Facilities, Mines, and Skilled Workers to produce resources and economic growth in Novopangea.

Additionally, you can communicate with other people all around the world in a true multiplayer community experience via this project.

In this article, Novopangea’s Skilled Worker NFTs, which are the most popular digital assets of the project, are explained.

What are Skilled Worker NFTs?

Skilled Worker NFTs, shortly SW, are the most popular part of Novopangea. A lot of players state that people can never have enough Skilled Workers!

As mentioned above, Novopangea consists of 6 realms, and each realm has their own SW that they can level up to lvl 5. Each realm has around 3000 SWs minted, and some realms have less than 30 available on the secondary market.

SWs have responsibility for resourcing buildings and mining in-game resources for the building owner. Players have to feed and rest their SWs before their next shift. You can think that this circumstance is similar to a 9 to 5 job.

SWs are not capped. The team releases more each month based on the player growth. These NFTs have held a significant value even during the bear market. SWs sell out instantly when they are released in the NOVO Hub each month! The cost is 15 NOVO “Creator Credits” that is around $8-$12 depending the day.

On September 1, 2022, the secondary price for a Shadow SW was $7.50, and it is $7.68 today (a year later) with more than 9 months over $10, peaking at $15+ each.

As of September 8, 2023, Light only has 3 SWs available on secondary out of 3100. Light SW followed a similar trend as Shadow over the year, as well as the rest of the realms, except they peaked north at $17 and are at $8.63 today.

During the bear market, many NFT-based projects and games are struggling. However, Novopangea’s Skilled Worker is a hidden gem that the players have relied on while other projects have difficulty in the digital space. If players exit the game, their SWs get scooped up quickly on the secondary.

The graph of Shadow Realm Skilled Worker

Novopangea spends a lot of time for understanding the user behaviors when it comes using, upgrading, buying, and selling of this asset to protect its value in the ecosystem.

Furthermore, the artwork is top tier, and players have asked for physical framed prints of them. They are excited to see the new art every time they upgrade their SWs.

Where can you get Skilled Workers?

Via 15 Creator Credits, you can get Skilled Workers on the NOVO Hub. Also, you can visit NeftyBlocks, that is a trade-to-earn marketplace for buying, selling and creating digital collectibles. On NeftyBlocks, you can buy Skilled Worker NFTs via $NOVO. You can redeem $NOVO you earn in the game for more SWs, and you can use them in the game or sell on secondary.

In addition to the NOVO Hub and NeftyBlocks, you can buy SWs on the NOVO SHOP via your credit card or PayPal.

Moreover, SWs can be found in Chapter 2 Story Packs and Game Starter Packs.

The team does 80% of the sales through Shopify site which does not reflect in the secondary numbers or other numbers that different media outlets report on. They found their shop is a lot easy for the consumers to purchase and enjoy playing the game.

How to be whitelisted in Novopangea’s drops?

Holding one of the Founder Passport PFPs is the only way to be whitelisted for the drops.

The team produced only 30 per realm (180 total), and they sold out in a weekend for $125, but there is more utility than just the whitelists.

About Novopangea’s team

The team thinks that everyone has a voice, so they are emphasizing the importance of inclusiveness. Each member of the team believes in the power of community and tries to create economic opportunities for every player/consumer.

Mike, who has a background in computer science, is the co-founder and CEO of Novopangea. He states that he is living the world of Novopangea. Also, he highlights that the project is very active with its community on Discord as the team is building the project for the players.

Martin is the CTO of the project, and his role is to work in the “shadows” and build a cutting-edge product that drives an outstanding user experience.

Andrés is the illustration lead, and he is the creator of the apocalyptic epic CONDEMNARUM comic book.

Sergio is the animation lead; he is searching for unique places and characters.

Felipe composes the music and develops the sound design behind the animation in Novopangea.

Mauricio is the 3D artist, and he focuses on the story being told to improve the project.

Also, it must be mentioned that each realm of Novopangea has their own artist. The art team is based in Colombia.

Website: https://novopangea.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Novopangeaio

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/novopangea