In the content, we would like to announce that the real-time military strategy game R-Planet will be launched on mobile (both the version of IOS and the version of Android) on 22 September 2022! Although it is a closed alpha version, it is a fully functional game.

1000 lucky gamers will be chosen via lottery to be among the first players to experience the game. To be eligible for this opportunity to test the game, people can purchase a lucky lottery ticket (for a small nominal fee). Lottery tickets can be bought for the native R-Planet token Aether. The 1000 test players will play “every player for themselves” until only 100 players remain. The 100 winners of the closed alpha will receive a super unique Hero NFT.

R-Planet began as a revolutionary NFT-staking system and alchemy game that allowed users to benefit from their NFTs and have a lot of fun in the process. The initial “alchemy” phase of R-Planet proved to be highly popular. More than 2.000.000 NFTs have been staked on the R-Planet!

The strategy gameR-Planet Conquest has two favorite models for crypto gamers; it is free-to-play and play-to-earn. In the beginning, the players choose the faction for which they will play. The game has three different factions, each with their own unique features. The players will receive a base where minerals needed to build robots will be extracted. They will use these minerals to build and upgrade bases and troops of fighting robots.

Thanks to the gaming NFT, players will be able to increase mineral production, their base, and their army. R-Planet NFTs are divided into five types: Hero, hero’s assets, lands, artifacts, and disposable NFTs.

The game is developed to be a server type. Each server has a start and the end date when the winners will be chosen. The first type of server has already been implemented as a battle arena. The goal is to survive. In the nearest future, the team behind R-Planet will add other types of servers, – says Nazar Chervinskyy, co-founder & CEO of WECAN. – The team knows how eagerly the R-Planet community is waiting for this strategy game. The team has done its absolute best and put a lot of effort into developing this high-quality game. The members of the team believe that the community and future players alike, will not be disappointed.

After the testing phase, the game will be opened to a wider audience. It will be available on iOS, Android, and later on the Web.

The R-Planet game has been developed by WECAN. The team has developed and supported Prospectors since its launch in 2017. It is the first and the most complex multiplayer online game fully built on different blockchains (EOS, WAX) with NFT usage. has been in the TOP-3 games on WAX, according to DappRadar, for the last two years.