Alcor Exchange is a decentralized exchange specifically tailored to the WAX Blockchain. This platform simplifies the WAX token acquisition process without worrying about hefty fees, emphasizing a user-friendly trading environment.

The DEX introduced a new feature called ‘Alcor Farms’, and we are sharing the details of the feature in this article.

What are Alcor Farms?

The recent introduction of ‘Alcor Farms‘ has propelled the Total Locked Value (TLV) of the DEX to over 1 million WAX tokens, showcasing its commitment to efficient development. Operating on smart contracts without relying on traditional backend services, Alcor Farms exemplifies the exchange’s dedication to decentralization and empowering users in the crypto realm.

By actively contributing to Alcor Swap’s liquidity pools, users engaging with Farms receive rewards as they boost liquidity aligned with the current market prices. To explore this innovative feature, users simply initiate transactions with one of the tokens in the pair.

The synergy of concentrated liquidity and Farms heralds a new era for the DeFi ecosystem on the WAX Blockchain, opening up novel opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. There is detailed documentation explaining Alcor Farms, and you can examine it.

Additionally, the DEX is actively advancing the concentrated liquidity protocol for the SWAP feature, supporting various pairs, like TLM/WAX, WOMBAT/WAX, USDT/WAX, and more.

Alcor supports USDT token

Alcor has expanded its support to include the USDT token on the WAX Blockchain. Leveraging the IBC technology, USDT seamlessly traverses between the EOS and WAX networks, enabling secure, fee-free transfers without intermediaries. This technology ensures secure token movement and facilitates easy participation in cross-blockchain exchanges.

In a world where fees can be a significant concern, the DEX does not charge fees for Liquidity Pool Swaps. Instead, it prioritizes liquidity providers by sharing all swap fees among them, emphasizing a commitment to the user’s interests and earnings.

Final words

Alcor Exchange does not charge fees for Liquidity Pool Swaps, and it effectively supports traders and beginners in the crypto world. The DEX ensures that all swap fees are shared among liquidity providers to put their interests and earnings at the forefront.

If you want to develop your trading experience, you can start to explore Alcor’s opportunities.