Story of Aphelium

Aphelium is the first Metaverse NFT game that is controlled via Discord. The team behind the project aims to open a new dimension in the gaming sector and Web3 space. The game is built on the WAX Blockchain.

Aphelium depends on the development of sections of land on an unexplored planet somewhere in the universe. Players can find a lot of resources for producing food, metals, items, and buildings within the sections. These resources can be utilized for improving land NFTs.

At the beginning, the game will be available within its official Discord servers. After the public release, the project will be brought to the favorite Discord servers while maintaining full synchronicity across all platforms.

The story of the project depends on whole universe and being an astronaut. You can be an astronaut stranded on a distant planet and harness the resources and population to forge a new human world within this game!

As an astronaut, you will encounter a captivating array of friendly and formidable life forms, engage in work, exploration, battles, creature taming, construction, and craft as you unlock the secrets of this planet.

The upcoming sale of Aphelium will be held on July 6.

Currently Active Utilities

Currently, craft command is available in the game. The command is used for crafting items and minting them as NFTs for sale or use within the game. Also, work command is available to earn AP and a small portion of resources by working on random lands. The amount of AP earned increases with more skills and tools. The land players work on will collect resources based on its percentages.

With these two commands, the explore command can be used for collecting resources. Players can obtain specific skills and exploration tickets from the shop using AP.

The land that is explored by players will receive a share based on its rarity while collecting resources. Players can interact with aliens, complete tasks, and be prepared for potential penalties!

With the sleep command, players can recharge their energy while the eat command is used for gaining energy. Players should consider cooking their raw food for maximum efficiency.

Also, there is inventory command to ensure the existence of enough space. If a player’s inventory is full, and items are lost, the Oracle will warn the player. Players can reclaim lost items by obtaining a claim ticket through blending stickers.

Furthermore, players can visit the #market channel and use the /marketplace sell or /marketplace list commands to sell and buy resources for AP. Moreover, they can check the /quests section to explore achievements and earn rewards based on their progress.

Lastly, renting chests to other players can be done by increasing the AP.

Upcoming Utilities

During the beta phase (before the release of token), the team behind Aphelium will introduce various mechanics:

Alien Fooling: The introduction of Alienoids, Alchemy, and more skills to help avoiding penalties by utilizing rarer resources.

Spaceships & Harbours: Players will have the opportunity to own spaceships and harbours, allowing them to work or explore specific lands. Owning a harbour will require a rarer tier land.

Combat: Players will get the chance to engage in battles with aliens to earn achievements and collect rare items.

Buildings: Players can refine their raw resources and construct buildings. Constructors will be required for building purposes.

Taming Aliens: Players will gain the ability to tame aliens, unlocking the benefits they offer.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

During the pre-token release phase, the team of the project offers tournaments and the ability of crafting NFTs for direct sale on the secondary market for the WAX Blockchain.

The tournament prize structure follows a non-linear distribution which encourages engagement, competition, and inclusivity within the player base. This structure creates an atmosphere of excitement and attracts both competitive players and late joiners! This format allows casual players, who may have limited time to invest in the game, to have a chance at earning back their initial investment.

1st place: $1500

2nd place: $1000

3rd place: $750

4th-10th place: $100 each

20th, 30th, 40th…100th place: $50 each

110th, 120th…200th place: $10 each

Before the token release, the team incorporates resource sinks through alien penalties, crafting system, inventory limitations, and the possibility of losing items to the Oracle.

Tools have durability, and a repair system has not been implemented yet. Tool NFTs are burned after being used a certain number of times.

Upcoming Sale

The upcoming sale of Aphelium is Land sale. The sale will be held on July 6, 2023. The sale involves 1000 lands; 100 of them are reserved for whitelisted members, and there are no claim limits.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

For the Land sale,whitelist spot is 100, and 1st generation supply is 1000. There are two types of whitelist for the sale which are OG and Early. Both will get a free land on launch, but OG also will get a discount on additional lands.

To be eligible for whitelist, you have to follow 3 steps on the project’s Discord server: Reaching level 10 in chat, invite 3 friends, and follow the projects’ official Twitter account.

In addition to the sale, we want to emphasize that Aphelium sometimes run giveaways with whitelisted roles as a prize.

Team Details

The team of Aphelium consists of 5 members, and there is no outsource team.

Andy is the co-CEO of the project who is also a developer with 15 years of experience in Web development, Web design, mobile applications, and 4.0 industry.

Juls is also the co-CEO and a graphic designer. Myrt is the COO and community manager of the project. Emerald is the community lead while Yek is the marketing manager of Aphelium.