Event Alert! This Winter, Suit Up for Zendodo Party’s Winter WonDoland!

Premiering on 23rd December, 4 PM UTC, the ever-growing NFT-Fi project, Zendodo Party, will be holding its event drop on WAX. Warm up those fingers and get ready for a showdown!

With the growth in prominence of NFT-Fi projects over the past few months, Zendodo Party is one project that stands out in the WAX Blockchain.

Growing its name over the past few months, this project has experienced exponential growth and high adoption rates!

This Holiday Season, this project aims to spearhead the celebrations with its endearing and cute collection of NFT characters.

Winter Event Exclusive Zendodos (ZenMother’s WonDoland Assistants)

Ever wanted to hop in on a new project? Well now’s the time! Take part in the Magical Festivities in Dodoland and catch these loveable characters in their holiday outfits this X’mas!

There are only 4 of these Unique Zendodos being released and Heroes will have to collect them all through evolving them into the strongest Zendodos!

These Event Zendodos have 2 Perks for Heroes that own them:

(1) All of these Event Zendodos have their unique power (Top of the Card) and are Stakeable in their Reward Pools to obtain ZENDI and Zendodos hourly!

(2) These Event Zendodos are also considered “Unique” and will provide Heroes with an entry multiplier in Zendodo Party’s extravagant and ever-increasing Weekly Rewards draw! (Since their project started in June, the project has distributed over 100,000 USD worth in prizes)

WonDoland Tool Packs

That’s not all! Zendodo Party is also doing a Tool Pack sale to allow for Heroes to boost their Staking Power even further. These WonDoland Tool Packs contain Event Exclusive Tools that Heroes can equip their Zendodos with to boost their Staking Power and earn more rewards!

Each of these tools has their respective multipliers and odds of drawing them (The Project has also hinted an upcoming development regarding these Tools!)

However, the fun does not stop there! For every Tool Pack Purchased, Zendodo Party is hosting a X’Mas X’Change which allows players to nominate another Hero in Dodoland to be given a Tool too! What a way to keep up with the Season of Giving.

You may wish to check out more about the event here!

WonDoland Party Drop

Well… with that being said, when is the event?

These Winter Zendodos will be going on sale on AtomicHub on 23rd December 4 PM UTC, with 2 different drops (Whitelist & Open).

Heroes who are enrolled into the whitelist drop stand to walk away with early mints (drops 5 minutes before Open Drop) of these Event NFTs and enjoy 10% off the Open Drop Prices while they are at it!

To be entitled, Heroes must own a Zendodo Party with more than 100 Party Power* and must be Honeycomb-Verified in their Discord Server. This can be verified through the leaderboard or the profile of Heroes.

*The snapshot of whitelisted Heroes will be done 25 minutes before the drop at 3:30 PM UTC.

The X’Mas Collection

Wait up, the fun is not over! To keep up the Holiday Spirit of Giving, Heroes will be rewarded according to the specific number of Unique Event Zendodos that they can collect by 2nd January, 6 PM UTC.

These Accolade’s will not only be displayed on the profile of Heroes, they can also be staked and provide a Staking Power Boost! Collect them all then!

For more information on the Event Rewards, do check out their event article here!

Website: https://zendodo.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZendodoParty

Telegram: https://t.me/zendodoparty

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ywSuMS8QtC

Atomic Hub: https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/collection/zendodoparty

Open Drop: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/87040+87041

Whitelist Drop (100 Pwr + HoneyComb): https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/87043+87039