Teletubbies, a beloved British children’s TV characters, have teamed up with House of Blueberry to create a collection of virtual outfits for their fans in Second Life.

The collection features four exclusive designs inspired by Teletubbies’ colourful appearance and playful antics. Each outfit comes with a matching headpiece that resembles Teletubbies’ antenna, as well as a custom animation that mimics their signature dance moves. This partnership is a part of House of Blueberry’s mission to empower self-expression through digital collection in the metaverse. 

The team is thrilled to partner with the TV show and share some of their magic with more people. Teletubbies, that first appeared on BBC in 1997, are four differently coloured characters named after the television screens on their bellies. They communicate through gibberish and explore the magical world of Teletubbyland. The show has been a global phenomenon, winning multiple awards and selling over a million copies of its theme song.

The collection is available for purchase on Second Life’s marketplace where users can browse and buy digital items for their avatars. The outfits are compatible with most avatar bodies and can be customized with different colours and textures.Β 

The launch event was hosted by House of Blueberry’s flagship store in Second Life. There, users could meet and greet Teletubbies’ avatars, take photos, and enjoy live music and giveaways.

The collaboration has received positive feedback from both fans and critics. They praised the creativity and quality of the designs, as well as the fun and nostalgic vibe of the event.

About House of Blueberry

House of Blueberry is a fashion house in the metaverse, empowering self-expression through digital wearables. Founded in 2011 by Blueberryxx Resident, House of Blueberry has sold more than 20 million digital assets. It has also served hundreds of thousands of customers across multiple platforms, including Roblox, IMVU, and Second Life.Β 

House of Blueberry is known for its high-quality designs, innovative features, and diverse community. It is a great example of how the metaverse is advancing the fashion industry.