We encounter different and amazing digital artworks each passing day and get to know the artists of the artworks. Generally, the media mentions male crypto artists more than female digital artists, but we cannot underrate the woman NFT artists! Hence, we want to give information about a precious NFT community that demonstrates the power of women.

The aforesaid community called Women of Crypto Art (WOCA) consists of 22 female digital artists who created the first functional Tarot NFT. These women met with each other on Twitter, and they decided to show their digital artworks as a whole. In other words, they want to indicate the abilities and interest of women in the digitalized world. In the patriarchal order, the visibility of women is not generally considered by people, but WOCA expresses the power of women in every area!

Arcana Crypto Tarot by WOCA

WOCA created their first Tarot NFTs called Arcana Crypto Tarot on ASYNC Art which is a crypto art platform on Ethereum blockchain. In the project, there are some NFTs that demonstrate the various expositions of trump cards of a Tarot pack called Major Arcana. With Arcana Crypto Tarot, individuals can understand the different features in Major Arcana, and they can meet with the different art styles of the members of WOCA. The NFT project involves digital illustration, VR painting, GAN-based images, AI-enabled style transfer, and so on, so we can say that the project is very rich in terms of digital art-making processes.

The creators of Arcana Crypto Tarot involve talented and valuable female artists. For instance, Stina Jones, Inês Merino, Elaine Sigwald, and so on are found in WOCA to create functional and marvelous NFTs. These women support each other and other women because they think that a lot of women cannot act as an entrepreneur in the digital art world due to the male-dominated opinions. Therefore, we suggest you visit the website of WOCA and the artworks of these great female artists in order to understand the abilities of women and the functional NFTs on Tarot.