Story of WhiteDragon NFT

WhiteDragonNFT is an art/collectible collection consisting of entirely 3D art on the WAX Blockchain. Most of the artwork has a fantasy & mythology theme, with a companion collection featuring more nsfw themed art.

Currently Active Utilities

-Staking on Wombat Dungeon Master for mining power

-Figurines Season 1 NFTs which provide holders entries into weekly reward draws, as well profit-sharing opportunities for completing full sets of figurines. Figurines are obtained by blending material NFTs from the pack sales and giveaways into the different rarities of Figurine NFTs.

Upcoming Utilities

-Additional seasons of the Figurine artwork will give more chances for collectors to earn rewards and profit share, and top collectors from previous seasons will receive boosts to their weekly reward entries.

-Leftover material NFTs from previous seasons will have the ability to be blended into new materials for the current season.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

WhiteDragon NFT does not have a specific token, and the project is not a play-to-earn game, but future Figurine seasons will provide profit-sharing opportunities and rewards for top collectors.

Upcoming Sale

The main pack sale for Figurines Season 1 opened on 16 July 2022, but all packs were sold out quickly. Now, the team behind WhiteDragon NFT currently running weekly mini sales for packs that are only open to wallets that attempted to blend a figurine the previous week.

*There is no particular time for the upcoming sale of WhiteDragon NFT. In other words, individuals can follow the weekly mini sales for packs of the project.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

Supply for the weekly Figurine Season 1 Chest drops is very limited and may vary from week to week depending on the number of blend attempts. Each weekly sale is whitelisted to wallets that attempted to blend a figurine in the previous week (date ranges announced in the Discord server of WhiteDragon NFT). 

*The weekly mini sales run for 24 hours.

Team Details

The team of WhiteDragon NFT consists of 3 members:

-WhiteDragon is the founder of the project and an artist.

-BlueDragon_AO is dealing with the marketing process and public relations of the project and is a Twitch streamer.

-WildDragonRyu is a math expert and coder and deals with the marketing of the project.

*In addition to the core team, there is a small team of Discord Community Managers.