CGC11 is a virtual event about blockchain technology, gaming, NFTs, Metaverse, WEB3, and so on. With the help of the informative event, individuals can improve themselves in the field in a good way. NFT Horizon is supporting CGC11 as a media partner, and we would like to explain the details of the event. Now, it is time to talk about CGC11!

What awaits you at CGC11?

CGC stands for Cutting-edge Games Conference, and it was established in 2018. CGC arranges both online and offline events covering cutting-edge technologies and video gaming. The eleventh one (CGC 11) will come with amazing properties! The event is a two-day virtual show, and it will be held on 30-31 August 2022.

The main subjects of the event will be Metaverse, NFTs, blockchain technology, blockchain games, WEB3, and play-to-earn. Participants should create their own avatar for exploring the 3D expo area filled with a variety of exhibitors and activities and reaching the necessary information about the subjects.

In CGC11, individuals will have the chance of listening to the presentations of industry leaders, viewing videos and live streams, and learning about new games and developments.

If you would like to participate in CGC11, you should get your ticket and have a web browser and internet connection. You can reach the details of the event ticket via the link:

Why you should participate in CGC11?

There will be more than 50 speakers in CGC11, so participants can get the chance of learning about the field from the experts. Furthermore, they can deal with an interactive 3D venue and expand their network by meeting founders and C-level executives of major companies shaping the modern games industry. Lastly, we can mention that individuals can discover the latest blockchain games and gaming services to play and invest in.

Game Expo: In CGC11, you can encounter an amazing world of gaming and entertainment. In the world, you can analyze breakthrough projects developed by startups and distinguished developers. Also, you can find out about blockchain gaming trends of 2022, join various activities, and support favorite games.

Conference: The most influential and in-demand expert speakers will be invited to the event, so you can learn from industry thought leaders and improve yourself in a good way.

Networking: You can get a chance of networking with gaming enthusiasts and pros from all over the world privately or in public areas by using text, voice, video, or screen share. By participating in CGC11, you can expand your network in the field and discuss the opportunities and the future of the field with a lot of people.

Venue: CGC11 will have a 3D virtual environment, and participants will communicate with each other in the interesting venue. Because of the properties of the venue, the interactions between the participants will be amusing and catchy. Also, you do not have to use extra hardware, downloads, and equipment for participating in CGC11; you should have only Internet connection and a web browser.


CGC has been running a series of international events about technology and video games since early 2018, and the circumstance is very important in the field. With the help of the events of CGC, people get the chance of developing themselves in the virtual world.

By this time, CGC arranged ten events, and now, it is the turn of the 11th event! If you want to make logical investments, encounter blockchain technology, reach significant information in the field, and meet new people in the field, you should not miss CGC11!