Story of Varialands

Varialands is a play-to-earn game on the WAX Blockchain. Players choose their islands and place their buildings in their towns to gather resources from mines. They can use their resources to upgrade their buildings or craft new NFTs or even go further by entering the arena to win even more.

The ultimate goal of the game is becoming the king of the island which will give the player more benefits. Becoming the king of the island is very significant, but players also need to first survive! In Varialands, resources are so scarce and each island has only 1 resource type to be mined. That is why the island wars exist!

In the game, players will be rewarded with tokens and can also create valuable NFTs.

Currently Active Utilities

Mining resources: Mines for resources and Palace for gold

Buildings & Characters: They add different Boost and improvements to the gameplay and earnings.

King of the island: Each island can have a king; kings take taxes from other players mining and also can kick inactive players from their island.

Crafting NFTs: Buildings, Mines, Characters, and Gladiators

1vs1 PVP Arena: There is an entry fee, each player chooses their gladiators, and the winner claims the pot.

In-game trading: Players can trade their resources through the in-game trading system, and they do not have to go to exchanges, such as Alcor, each time.

Upcoming Utilities

Hall of Fame: Somewhere players can show off their progress to others.

Temple (offerings to the gods): Temple will burn a lot of tokens/NFTs, and king powers to increase production.

Temple Bell feature: With this feature, kings will not sit on the throne forever anymore!

-Weekly events with WAXP prizes

Missions: Players will send their Goblins to steal from other islands’ temples.

New NFTs: Goblin, Guard, Spy, Temple, Barracks, and so on.

Earning Mechanism & Tokenomics

Varialands has 4 resources (tokens):





Each island has its own resource which cannot be found on other islands.

Players spend 2 resources and produce the third one by using their mines.

The fourth resource is GOLD which can be produced by Palace, and it will be used on different crafts or arenas. GOLD is also used to recharge the energy of different troops.

*Players can sell their tokens in exchanges, such as Alcor, for WAXP, or they can craft NFTs and sell them on secondary markets.

Upcoming Sale

The upcoming sale of Varialands called Adventures Sale will be held on October 9 at 17:00 UTC.

On October 7, the information about the number of packs and their prices will be announced on the Discord channel of Varialands.

Upcoming Sale Whitelist Condition

The upcoming sale is for the public, so there is no whitelist condition.

Team Details

Fariogonecci is the founder and owner of Varialands. Fariogonecci is also the developer of the game. In addition to Fariogonecci, Kinglegend is the artist of the project while Sleepy is the project planner.