The main goal of the collaboration between these two companies is to make the WAX ​​​​Play-to-Earn environment even more valuable and meaningful.

The cooperation brings together the leading NFT collateral loan service and a revolutionary blockchain gaming platform. Credit Metaverse just announced that the Wombat is integrated into the loaning ecosystem.

As a Wombat user, you just need to log in using your Wombat app, select the NFT asset you want to use as collateral for the loan, and get a loan offer in just a few minutes!

Wombat partners with Credit Metaverse on the WAX Blockchain.

Aleksi Vitakoski, the Founder of Credit Metaverse, stated about the collaboration:

“I see this as a much bigger subject than a typical integration project. Credit Metaverse was initially built to meet the community’s needs. I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with a company that has done so much to make the Play-to-earn environment easier, safer, and more profitable. It’s great to see that more people are becoming aware of the liquidity problem’s solution and no longer have to struggle with it.”

Like Vitakoski, the Founder and CEO of Spielworks which is the company behind the entire Wombat ecosystem, Adrian Krion, is very excited about the collaboration. Krion said:

“Credit Metaverse is arguably the most unique DeFi platform on WAX because it collateralizes loans with NFTs in its peer-to-peer marketplace. This mutually beneficial partnership allows our users convenient access to liquidity while Credit Metaverse gains access to our vibrant and loyal community of NFT gamers and creators. Together, we are turning WAX into the NFT gaming hub.

About Wombat

The team behind the project wants to make the play-to-earn world easily accessible for everyone. The project can be explained as a crypto wallet and blockchain dApps explorer.

In the ecosystem, people can easily buy, sell, and store their coins and tokens and get a comprehensive overview of their NFTs.

About Credit Metaverse

Credit Metaverse is the first NFT collateral loan service on the WAX ​​blockchain. Credit Metaverse solves the liquidity problem for players whose WAX tokens are invested in NFTs.