Popular social media platform and discussion site Reddit releases the third gen of its “Reddit Collectible Avatars” on the Polygon network. The community expects these Gen 3 NFT avatars to be available by next week. 

Many collectors and members of the ecosystem are eagerly anticipating the drop of the new batch of NFT avatars.

Reddit NFT avatars are digital avatars that can be used on the social media platform. On the platform, users can purchase NFT avatars to use as their profile pictures. 

The NFT avatars have become popular among users who want to show off their unique personalities and support their favorite artists and creators. They can also be used as a way to collect and invest in digital assets, with some NFT avatars selling for thousands of dollars.

Reddit NFT avatars are very popular among Reddit users.
Reddit NFT avatars are very popular among Reddit users.

The avatars were first introduced in July 2022 and launched a month later. The primary purpose of these NFT avatars was to support NFT creators in developing and selling their digital creations. 

Reddit already deployed the contract for the third-gen avatars on Polygon earlier this week. Users have predicted and speculated that the NFT avatars would be sold out in minutes. Other parties praise the social media platform’s marketing skills and efforts in bringing “militant anti-NFT” users to “neutral/pro-NFT’’.  

However, some users are skeptical about the Gen 3 NFT avatars’ payment method, dubbing it “cumbersome”. Hence, they believe the avatars might not sell out as quickly as anticipated.

In the past few months, Reddit NFTs have witnessed a growth in sales. The NFT collection marked a new all-time high in sales volume as holders locked in $3 million on October 24, 2022.  The volume hit $1.5 million the next day, about 36.6% of its total $4.1 million. Two days later, the Reddit NFT collection became part of OpenSea’s top 10 collections for its weekly sales.