The second NFT drop of Fortune will be available for auction tomorrow (April 9, 2023)! The auction will give a chance to bidders who would like to purchase the classic magazine cover created by Itzel Yard, popularly known as Ix Shells.

An animated version of the cover will be available as an NFT on Foundation starting this Sunday for 24 hours. In order to encourage the crypto community to band together and support one of their own, the parties decided to offer the NFT at a fair cost of 0.1 ETH (about $175).

The new cover expresses thoughts of construction and resiliency and has a gritty urban vibe. The image serves as both a memorial to the worst year in the history of the cryptocurrency industry. 

Fortune in the Crypto World

From its founding in 1930, Fortune has been at the forefront of reporting on business, financial trends, and technology. With the 2017 introduction of The Ledger, Fortune became one of the first mainstream media outlets to devote space to cryptocurrencies continuously. Alyson Shontell, the editor-in-chief of Fortune, has significantly broadened Fortune’s coverage of Web3 and artificial intelligence.

Fortune also founded Fortune Crypto under the leadership of the crypto editor Jeff John Roberts who is known for his popular books, like Kings of Crypto, One Startup’s Quest to Take Cryptocurrency Out of Silicon Valley, and Onto Wall Street.

Dreaming at Dusk by Ix Shells
Dreaming at Dusk by Ix Shells

Who is Ix Shells?

IX Shells or Itzel Yard is a renowned generative artist who belongs to the new generation of Web3 creatives. By utilizing Creative Code Art, she has established an online community of artists who use code. She is based in Panama and has a strong online presence. 

After her piece of art called Dreaming at Dusk, which she had developed in partnership with the Tor Project and sold for 500 ETH ($2 million at the time), she rose to the position of the highest-paid female artist in NFTs in May 2021.