The fourth Metaverse Art Week by Decentraland is here, so mark your calendars for July 19 till 23! This event promises a convergence for artists, collectors, and content creators. This annual event is more than an exhibition. It’s an exploration of a theme that mirrors the ever-evolving Web3 landscape: “The metaverse is dead. Long live the metaverse.” 

Vueltta’s MESH Art Fair 

This year’s edition will be in partnership with Vueltta to showcase immersive creations from more than 60 artists.

Presented as the headline event of Metaverse Art Week 2023, MESH will showcase a 3D art fair. This will unite 3D artists with galleries, creative studios, and art enthusiasts. 

The art fair is scheduled to hold as follows:

  • Wednesday, Jul 19 from 07:00pm to 06:59pm (UTC+2)
  • Thursday, Jul 20 from 07:00pm to 06:59pm (UTC+2)
  • Friday, Jul 21 from 07:00pm to 06:59pm (UTC+2)
  • Saturday, Jul 22 from 07:00pm to 06:59pm (UTC+2)
  • Sunday, Jul 23 from 07:00pm to 06:59pm (UTC+2)

For this occasion, MESH will be unveiling a stunning collection of more than thirty artworks. These artworks are crafted by visionaries, such as Hannes Hummel, Mattia Cuttini, Rebecca Rose, and Michelle Brown. Each piece is elegantly displayed within floating white cubes, creating an ethereal ambiance that complements the artistry.

The selection of MESH artists has been a meticulous process, overseen by an esteemed panel of galleries, curators, and art collectors. 

Bay Backner, the curator of Metaverse Art Week 2023, expressed that the bear market had granted them more freedom in curating the event. With less at stake, artists were able to take creative risks and venture into experimental collaborations. Backner mentioned that one of the highlights was connecting with galleries and collectors who continued to support this bold approach.

Other artworks to watch out for include:

  • HERE & NOW by Michael Beets
  • VERTEX by Tangpoko & GucciToe
  • RARE PEPE culture by DecentraPEPE Shrine 

For those new to the event or NFT space, The WIP Meetup offers guided tours to ensure you don’t miss highlights. Additionally, Niftytime and Rizzle provide invaluable insights for Web3 newcomers. 

Parties in Metaverse Art Week’23

Unleash your creative energy at Metaverse Art Week’s daily parties, like SugarClub AfterParty happening on Saturday! The Decentraland community, adorned in eclectic ensembles, promises to make each party so much fun. Expect an eclectic mix of 1970s New York, 1990s raves, and Blade Runner vibes.

To learn more about the event and participate, visit

Final Words

Decentraland is a major player on the Web3 turf and has been active in organizing major virtual events. These include but are not limited to the Metaverse Music Festival and Metaverse Fashion Week held earlier in the year. We’re excited for this art week and look forward to its success.