Uniswap has released a new wallet to support a more extensive adoption and enable trading anywhere. The announcement by Uniswap highlights the key features of the new wallet.


Earlier this year, the decentralized exchange platform announced the launch of the new wallet. However, Uniswap reported that Apple still needed to give it the go-ahead to release the new self-custodial wallet. Now, the tech company has permitted Uniswap to launch the wallet.

Self-custodial wallets are digital wallets where the user has complete control over their private keys, which are used to access and manage their cryptocurrency holdings. They offer security, privacy, control, and accessibility to users.

The mobile wallet will allow users to purchase crypto with a 2.55% fiat on-ramp fee. Also, users can swap on popular platforms, such as Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. Users can link the new wallet to the Ethereum application through WalletConnect. 

To back up their accounts, Uniswap users can write their seed phrases on paper or encrypt their key vaults and store them on iCloud.

The new wallet comes with many features, including NFT price and data. These features will support users in the custody of their assets with DeFi wallets. These kinds of wallets are known to be more difficult to enter than the more consolidated forms of buying and holding cryptocurrencies. Users can also shortlist their favorite tokens and wallet addresses to monitor the most important activity to them.

Apple has approved the new self-custodial wallet for use in various regions across the planet. In the future, the wallet will be available in every single country. TestFlight users have early access to the mobile wallet app through the App Store. All information and wallets linked to the TestFlight app version will be automatically moved to its latest version to simplify the transition process.