Introduction to Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is a cross-gaming avatar platform. Players can create their very own 3-dimensional avatars from selfies and customize them with over 300 options. They can opt to stick with their Ready Player Me avatars and make use of them in more than 4,750 applications and platforms. Users can purchase limited edition tokens for their avatars and trade them on an NFT marketplace of their choosing.

L’Oreal’s interest in Web3

L’Oreal has proven to be an avid supporter of NFTs and Web3. Just a few days ago, L’Oreal partnered up with Meta to engage in its massive metaverse accelerator. The event was in Paris, France and lasted for a total of 6 months. The makeup company has also developed a Web3 experience for its customers. Here, they can virtually try out L’Oreal’s makeup products. 

L’Oreal collaborates with Ready Player Me to develop Web3 avatars

Fashion brands are teaming up with various organizations to prepare for the future of the beauty industry. This year alone, brands, like Sephora and Fenty Beauty, have participated in the Web3 space, and there will be more such activities. Makeup giant, L’Oreal, has decided to go public with its partnership with gaming platform Ready Player Me. 

Maybelline New York and L’Oreal Professional have customized trendy makeup looks and hairstyles for avatars on the Ready Player Me platform. Five outfits have been created for each avatar, in conjunction with CGI expert, Evan Rochette. Maybelline also enlisted the services of its worldwide brand ambassador and makeup artist, Erin Parsons. 

The outfits for the avatars can be used on more than 4,000 online platforms including Spatial, SideQuest, Somnium Space, Animaze, VRChat, and Hiberworld. Although Ready Player Me has joined forces with companies, like DressX and Tommy Hilfiger, its partnership with L’Oreal is the first of its kind.

This collaboration is quite monumental as previous attempts by beauty brands to delve into the Web3 universe have been in the form of NFT or PFP projects on various communities or charity-oriented NFT projects, like Cryptobees Initiative by Guerlain Beauty. 

L’Oreal stands to benefit from massive marketing, reputation building, and more profit from this partnership. The beauty brand will be able to connect to a huge target audience on the Ready Player Me platform.

The L’Oreal – Ready Player Me partnership will enable the beauty company to truly understand the need for digital beauty among its clients. It will also provide a means for the beauty company to improve its customers’ experiences with its products and services. Via the partnership, L’Oreal can tap into the streams of 3 billion gamers in the world, while simultaneously testing and experimenting with new beauty standards.

The new digital outfits and appearances can be worn in seconds. Although the partnership is meant to create looks for avatars in the metaverse, it is sure to have some impact on the physical beauty products and services offered by L’Oreal. Unlike the real world, there are no constraints to these outfits and the limit for creativity is nonexistent. There will be new, user-inclusive, digital experiences with unique in-game experiences, virtual advertising, e-sampling activators, and activities from digital brand ambassadors.