What is Bybit?

Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in March 2018 to offer a platform where crypto traders can find a fast machine with excellent customer care services and multiple language options.

The FIFA World Cup started last night in Qatar, and Bybit celebrated it by launching a competition with a jackpot fan token of up to 300,000 USDT to their fans while giving them a chance to support their favourite teams in the tournament. The company also supports other sporting activities, like F1 racing and legendary teams in European football.

To celebrate World Cup 2022, Bybit users accumulating a trading volume of $100 or over the fan can win a piece of this cake. Crypto fans can trade the tokens using any Bybit free trading bots. These bots can trade for you 24/7 within specific boundaries.

Bybit expanded its Zero Fees campaign to users who exchange fan tokens in order to publicize the occasion and honor the biggest sporting competition of the year.

World Cup in Web3

Here fans can support the team of their choice and stand a chance to win a huge bonus through cryptocurrency. Winning these funds is not a big problem all that is needed is for the user to register on the platform and trade for tokens. The ranking is displayed in descending order of trading volume and is refreshed after every hour.

What are the conditions for participation?

The users should register for the event to participate, and they should be from a country that allows Bybit and is not under the jurisdiction. Also, the users should complete identity verification Lv 1 to be eligible for rewards.

There are specific spot trades eligible which are ACM/USDT, AFC/USDT, BAR/USDT, CITY/USDT, GALFT/USDT, INTER/USDT, JUV/USDT, and PSG/USDT.

The company can disqualify a user who is abusive and does not adhere to the company’s regulatory rules.