Immutable and Ubisoft are about to drop an entirely new gaming experience, pushing Web3 to its limits. In this partnership, Immutable will give players digital ownership while Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab will dive into decentralization. 

This follows Immutable’s recent successful testnet launch of Immutable zkEVM and game demos for Guild of Guardians, Metalcore, and Infinite Victory.

The details of this partnership remain largely unknown, igniting curiosity. It might unfold as a fresh blockchain game. It could also be an integration of Immutable into a Ubisoft game or an NFT collection.

Nicolas Pouard, Ubisoft’s VP of Strategic Innovation Lab, and James Ferguson, the CEO of Immutable, expressed excitement about the collaboration. 

Pouard envisions a seamless integration for a more enjoyable gaming experience while Ferguson emphasizes the goal of providing players with “digital ownership”. Both are confident in the success of the partnership.

Success of Ubisoft and Immutable in the Blockchain World

Ubisoft has solidified its presence in the NFT and blockchain gaming sphere with various projects. Earlier this year, the company made waves by introducing Rabbids NFTs in The Sandbox. Also, the company Ubisoft introduced Champions Tactics, an RPG hosted on the Oasys blockchain. In addition to these movements, it partnered with Integral Reality Labs to develop smart collectibles for Assassin’s Creed.

Immutable is the first gaming platform to introduce a zero-knowledge (zk) scaling solution to the Ethereum community. With various zk-based scaling options, including Immutable X and Immutable zkEVM powered by Polygon, developers now have a versatile toolkit. Additionally, the company made significant partnerships with important companies, like Amazon and SimWin Sports