On Tuesday, Immutable declared its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expand the array of choices for game developers. 

ISV Accelerate Program is an initiative between Amazon Web Services and software solution providers operating on AWS or closely integrated with it. Immutable now has access to AWS’ resources and expertise by becoming a part of this program. This advantage will assist the company in establishing connections with potential clients and finalizing deals with leading game studios worldwide.

Gaming ventures in the Web3 sphere, developed on the Immutable platform, can now be a part of AWS Activate, a startup support program. Through the program, these projects can enjoy various benefits, such as credits, technical support, training, and other valuable resources.

Participants are eligible for up to $100,000 in AWS credits, empowering them to expand their operations with AWS Infrastructure. They can leverage Immutable’s expertise in integrating, creating, launching, and growing their Web3 games. 

Notably, partners, like Magmabyte, affiliated with Immutable in Web3 gaming, have already experienced the advantages of AWS Activate.

Some apprehensions have been voiced regarding the concentration of gaming and Ethereum and their heavy reliance on Amazon, a dominant player in the cloud services sector, holding roughly a one-third market share.

However, Michael Powell, the product marketing lead at Immutable, addressed these concerns and provided reassurance. He highlighted that while blockchain enthusiasts prioritize decentralization and an on-chain approach, game developers operate differently in practice.

Immutable strives to emerge as a comprehensive platform for developers, offering services like the Immutable Passport and Immutable Checkout. This consolidation aims to provide a one-stop destination with the necessary components and resources for constructing a successful Web3 game.