Illuvium Labs will launch its popular blockchain game Illuvium on the Epic Games Store. From November 28,  the firm will reach 230 million PC and mobile gamers on the digital marketplace.

What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is an open-world RPG inspired by Pokémon in which players collect and train digital animals known as Illuvians. The game has a large world to explore, a compelling plot, and a tactical combat system. Illuvium co-founder Kieran Warwick described how the game has evolved to accommodate a larger audience and abide by platform compatibility and regulatory requirements: 

“The result of these efforts has not only earned Illuvium a place on a leading gaming platform but has also evolved our product. By launching three different games in three different genres, we have significantly increased our addressable market. The only issue is it has taken much longer to get to this point.” 

Illuvium Labs created the game on the Immutable X network by using Unreal Engine 5. Three different game genres within the Illuvium universe will be available in the beta version of Epic Games. These include Overworld, an open-world adventure game featuring a beloved classic-style creature-capturing feature. There is also the auto-battler strategy game Arena and Zero, a city-builder for PC and mobile devices. 

The gaming company hopes to appeal to a broader audience by creating various game types and genres.

Warwick’s team has redesigned its approach to draw in more users, considering the difficulties that blockchain games with NFT components have in being widely accepted. 

As far as Warwick is concerned, the annoying thing with NFT games is that you need a wallet and a lot of money to play the game. He says that playing is now free and that wallets are no longer necessary. 

Illuvium’s upcoming release on the well-known Epic Games Store could usher in a new age for blockchain gaming. Because of Illuvium’s success, additional blockchain games may be able to reach a larger audience and change the landscape of gaming in the future.