On June 8, HyperPlay announced that it had raised $12 million in its premier Series A funding round. 

Griffin Gaming Partners and BitKraft Ventures hosted the round. Other participants include ConsenSys, Delphi, Ethereal Ventures, Game7, Mirana Ventures, and Monoceros Ventures.

What is HyperPlay?

Launched in November 2022, HyperPlay is a product of the partnership between MetaMask and Game7. With its focus on developing Web3 gaming infrastructure, it seeks to make interoperability the standard for all Web3 games. 

It intends to integrate cloak games with a wallet that allows players to carry MetaMask wallets in conventional and Web3 games. 

HyperPlay: A Beacon of Hope for Web3 Games

As described by Pierre Planche, a partner at Griffin Gaming Ventures, HyperPlay supports “technical innovation in games” and accrues more value to developers against regular constructs. With a resilient data layer for discovery, assets, achievements, and son on, it allows gamers to enjoy an improved overarching gaming experience.

Despite significant growth in the sector, Web3 games still need to be improved. They currently need the type of interoperable applications that blockchain-based game developers desire. They encounter several challenges from Web2 giants that obstruct adding more Web3 utility into their games. 

With the capital generated from the funding round, HyperPlay will scale up its plans to increase the awareness of its primary game launcher.

The company boasts of serving developers and users equally. It sets itself apart from Apple and Steam, which impose a 30% tax on game developers. HyperPlay remains steadfast in its loyalty to developers by refraining from imposing taxes on in-game economies. Instead, it monetizes optional features, such as on-ramping or token swaps.

Likewise, by supporting EVM-compatible chains, it enables users to incorporate their wallets and tokens into every traditional or Web3 game

The launcher of HyperPlay integrates an in-game wallet overlay. This component eliminates users’ need to exit the game and resort to a different website for NFT transactions.

While it supports games on all MetaMask-supported chains, it has hinted at forthcoming unique features specifically designed for the Mantle L2. The Mantle L2 is an Ethereum scaling solution with a focus on gaming.