Metagame Industries, a pioneering studio in the Web3 gaming sector, has recently announced a groundbreaking achievement with the successful raise of $100 million in investment for their upcoming game, Abyss World. 

The successful $100 million investment round is a testament to the growing interest and potential of blockchain-based gaming and also represents a vote of confidence in Metagame Industries’ vision and expertise in developing cutting-edge Web3 games.

The impressive lineup behind the investment round holds renowned industry players, like Mysten Labs which is recognized for their open source wallet Sui, as well as esteemed entities, such as Swiss gaming platform Xterio and respected game publisher FunPlus

Notable investment firms, including Big Brain Holdings, 2moon Capital, Chainhill Capital, Dweb3 Capital, ZeroX Fund, and MH Ventures, also demonstrated their confidence in Metagame Industries, emphasizing the company’s significant progress in the Web3 gaming ecosystem. 

This significant investment also signals a broader trend of growing interest and recognition of the potential of blockchain-based gaming. With the gaming industry experiencing exponential growth and blockchain technology gaining mainstream acceptance, the fusion of these two ecosystems is poised to redefine the future of gaming.

Abyss World is a play to earn game.

The Next-Gen Action RPG

Abyss World is set to be an immersive Web3 game on the Sui ecosystem that leverages blockchain technology to create a unique third-person ARPG (Action Role Playing Game). Players will explore the game’s vast open world and unearth the secrets behind it.

Players can create their Hero character by choosing its class, race, traits, and more, and the ability to wield equipment that aligns with combined character’s expertise. For now, there are 5 main classes in the game: Warrior, Musha, Mage, Engineer, and Explorer.

Being a Web3 game, Abyss World introduces a play-to-earn system where players can earn native tokens, in-game items, and other valuable assets by actively participating in the game’s 3 different play modes.

The 3 play modes or pillars of Abyss World are: 

PVE: The game’s vast open world is accessible to the players so they can complete dynamically generated game tasks.

BVB (PVP): Players’ characters are battled by the game’s AI rather than players themselves. 

PGC: This is where players can upgrade and trade their in-game assets and unlock new content.If Abyss World has piqued your interest, you can also explore its NFTs and become a part of the Metagame Industries’ gaming ecosystem.