Xterio, an innovative gaming platform based on blockchain technology, has successfully obtained a $15 million investment from Binance Labs. This funding will be utilized to advance the development of cutting-edge Web3 games, pushing the boundaries of the gaming industry.

John Smith, the CEO of Xterio, expressed great excitement about the partnership with Binance Labs and the realization of their vision for next-generation Web3 games. Smith stated about the fundraising:

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Binance Labs in bringing our vision of next-generation Web3 games to life. This investment will enable us to expand our capabilities and create groundbreaking games that redefine what is achievable with blockchain technology.”

Xterio’s platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and leverages smart contracts to facilitate secure and transparent player transactions. In addition, the platform offers a unique rewards system, allowing players to earn cryptocurrency as a recognition of their in-game accomplishments.

Final Words

Web3 games represent the future of gaming, harnessing the advantages of blockchain technology. These games utilize decentralized networks and smart contracts, granting players actual ownership of in-game assets and the freedom to trade them. 

Web3 gaming revolutionizes the gaming industry by allowing players to monetize their gaming achievements and establish thriving virtual economies.

With this substantial funding, Xterio is strategically positioned to push the boundaries of gaming and blockchain technology, creating immersive and highly lucrative experiences for players across the globe. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, the company remains unwavering in its dedication to revolutionizing the industry, empowering players, and shaping the future of Web3 games.

About Xterio

Xterio was founded by passionate gamers and blockchain enthusiasts who recognized the untapped potential of merging these two domains. The company is a free-to-play-and-own game developer and publisher. 

The company’s vision is to establish a new gaming paradigm where players possess ownership and control over their in-game assets. Through the power of blockchain technology, it aims to empower players, foster creativity, and cultivate communities around their games.