Attention everyone, bow down to the king! The WAX Blockchain has been crowned the most popular blockchain for gaming in 2022, according to a DappRadar report in alliance with Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA).

In addition to the popularity of WAX, other critical points in the Web3 space, like gaming tokens and investments in blockchain gaming, are mentioned by the report. 

The bear market won’t last forever, and every ecosystem is aware of this as they continue to build tools and protocols for easier onboarding of new users in the time to come. Several companies have been forced to close their operations, and the ones that survive are coming up with creative solutions to this crisis.

Key takeaways of the report

First of all, we want to emphasize that gaming is a very critical circumstance in the dApp (decentralized application) industry, according to the DappRadar x BGA report. Last year, 1.13 million unique active wallets were daily connected to various game dApps, and the numerical value is huge! Also, in the report, it is stated that the number of wallets connected to game dApps daily is higher than the numerical value of 2021.

DappRadar mentioned that the number of people connecting their wallets to game dApps is increased by 60% from 2021 to 2022. 

Also, the report stated that blockchain gaming is the leader in blockchain activity, making up 48% of all dApp activity. 

When we consider the investment issue in blockchain gaming, Metaverse -generally investments in Web3-, we can realized that Web3 gaming and Metaverse projects got $7.6 billion in 2022, and the value is 59% higher than the value of 2021. 

Furthermore, according to the report, the market caps of top gaming tokens increased by 122%. The token of Gala Games ecosystem, titled GALA, encountered a rise by 218%, so we can say that there is a huge interest on Gala Games. 

The detailed report also stated that the WAX Blockchain is the most active blockchain in terms of blockchain gaming. 

WAX is the top blockchain for gaming 

The blockchain that has gained the most traction out of these tendencies is the WAX Blockchain, which has been reported as the most popular Web3 gaming blockchain in 2022. WAX has shown a significant increase in Unique Active Wallets (UAW) with an average of 353,758 wallets in 2022, representing a 57.59% increase compared to 2021.

Alien Worlds, one of the top games on WAX, saw a slight increase in its UAW of 7.89%, with an average of 199,499 dUAW and ranging 4.8 million transactions per month. Based on these statistics, we can infer that an average wallet performs 25 transactions per month.

After the WAX Blockchain, we can see the HIVE, Polygon, BNB Chain, and EOS blockchains, respectively.

Present and future: great games to discover on WAX

2023 is the year of releases, and WAX is coming in hot with many projects presenting promising Alpha and Beta versions of their games.

RPlanet Conquest: A fantastic real-time military strategy NFT game where players can build their base, set up their battle strategy, develop an army, unite with allies, and fight to survive.

Novopangea: Novopangea gives the power of storytelling to the community where decisions will create killer new NFT artwork for the collection. The community can shape the character development and direction of the story. Players’ Novo collection will turn into points that they will be able to redeem for Novo NFTs and resources used in gameplay.

The Forge Arena: It is a fantastic 5v5 competitive FPS shooter that is set to bring shooter fans a whole new gaming experience. The game will arrive soon to the Epic Games store.

We want to finish this content with an expert’s important words about blockchain gaming. Sara Gherghelas, a blockchain analyst at DappRadar, said:

“This is because blockchain gaming is already a vertical in the traditional industry. As blockchain gains more traction, it will bring more adoption to Web3 games, which will become mainstream.”