GAM3S.GG has closed a $2 million seed round spearheaded by Mechanism Capital. 

In addition to Mechanism Capital, this funding round involved prominent Web3 venture capitals and angel investors. The infusion of fresh capital is poised to propel the expansion and evolution of the GAM3S.GG gaming super app. It will align with the platform’s investors’ vision to establish it as the definitive “IGN for Web3 gaming”.

The comprehensive list of investors includes various industry leaders, like Polygon, Double Peak, ArkStream Capital, LD Capital, and ROK Capital. SkyVision Capital, Compute Ventures, MarketAcross, and other well-versed angel investors in the Web3 gaming sphere were also present.

The platform’s developers are enhancing the accessibility of blockchain games by incorporating additional features. The team is implementing user-centric functionalities, including social logins, progression rewards, and in-game progress tracking within their super app. Furthermore, they are providing the added convenience of offering Web3 games directly on their platform.

Omar Ghanem, the co-founder and CEO of GAM3S.GG, emphasized the time-sensitive nature of establishing a Web3 gaming hub. 

According to him, traditional gaming has platforms, like IGN and Kotaku. However, the industry has yet to fully embrace blockchain-powered titles’ transformative potential. Waiting for traditional platforms to catch up would result in the loss of early adopters and significant progress. This is precisely why GAM3S.GG came into existence.

About GAM3S.GG

GAM3S.GG, which was formerly known as Polkastarter Gaming, is a Web3 gaming platform that aims to onboard 100 million players onto the blockchain. It intends to do so by putting tokenomics and DeFi talks aside and focusing on what made everyone fall in love with games decades ago: Fun. Since its launch in November 2022, the platform has attracted and engaged over 60,000 users. 

GAM3S.GG has provided direct access to over 200 games spanning 15 blockchain networks. 

The platform provides a curated library of Web3 games, news, reviews, and exclusive interviews. It also hosts the GAM3 Awards, which recognize the best Web3 games of the year. This event garnered over 250,000 votes and drew a live broadcast audience of 140,000 unique viewers.