Neon Machine, the creators of the eagerly anticipated extraction action game Shrapnel, has raised $20 million. Polychain Capital led the funding round with additional contributions from Tess Ventures, Franklin Templeton, Brevan Howard Digital, Griffin Gaming Partners, and IOSG Ventures. 

What is Shrapnel?

Shrapnel is praised by Neon Machine as a state-of-the-art AAA title, presenting it as a massive undertaking with excellent budgeting, production value, and marketing. 

The game is portrayed as a multiplayer first-person shooting game in both the in-depth manual on the game’s website and the gameplay videos on Neon Machine’s YouTube channel. 

Based on “extraction” mechanics, the competitive aspect of the game will require players to flee with whatever loot they find in-game in order to keep those goods. Shrapnel has not yet undergone pre-alpha testing. 

Shrapnel by Neon Machine

Mark Long, the CEO of Neon Machine, stated about the popular game: 

“We announced Shrapnel with a website and zero fans. Over the last two years, our team has expanded to more than 70 members and our growing community has been instrumental in driving gameplay decisions and shaping the Shrapnel universe.” 

The game is currently being created by a group of seasoned video game industry veterans that have won BAFTA and Emmy Awards. Their broad experience includes blockchain, virtual production, transmedia, and gaming as a service.

The group, which started out at HBO Interactive, has a great history and has worked on well-known titles, like Halo, Call of Duty, Star Wars, and Ghost of Tsushima. Their goal is to transform Shrapnel into a first-person shooter game that offers an unmatched gaming experience to both creators and players.

The Seattle-based company Neon Machine plans to offer an early version of Shrapnel to paying customers in December, with a full free-to-play version to follow in 2024. The team will be strengthened by the freshly acquired funds as they release more playable versions of the game ahead of these important occasions.

In addition, the Shrapnel Marketplace, which will allow users to buy and sell in-game items, is scheduled to go live. The creation tools are also being improved even more, enabling users to design skins, maps, and other in-game components.