Joseph Mills, the Group Product Manager of Google Play, has announced an initiative to foster innovation while ensuring user safety. As part of this endeavour, Google Play has recently updated its policies. This upgrade enables new modes of blockchain-based transactions within apps and games.

Google Play’s policy update highlights the significance of app transparency concerning tokenized digital assets. Developers must clearly state whether their app or game enables the sale or acquisition of these assets. 

While tokenized assets offer enhanced user experiences, developers are strictly prohibited from promoting or exaggerating potential earnings associated with gameplay or trading.

Apps that do not meet the eligibility criteria for gambling will be disallowed from accepting payments. In line with Google Play’s existing policies, this would prohibit them from winning assets with uncertain real-world value, including NFTs. This rule encompasses purchases where the value of the received NFT is not apparent at the time of the transaction.

Reddit, the community that achieved considerable success through its Avatar NFTs, collaborated with Google to facilitate this policy change. According to Matt Williamson, Reddit‘s Senior Engineering Manager, the partnership aims to equalize opportunities and foster user confidence in the gaming ecosystem. He stated:

“We partnered with Google to help update their policy, aimed at creating a level playing field that promotes user trust and responsible usage of blockchain technology.”

Google Supports Innovation With Blockchain Technology

Google, in the past, imposed a ban on crypto mining apps. Nevertheless, the firm has changed its stance by introducing the decentralized data storage app ArDrive Mobile to the Play Store. Furthermore, it has highlighted the game ‘’Axie Infinity: Origins’’ in specific markets.

The giant plans to continuously converse with developers to understand their challenges and identify opportunities. In the next phase, Google Play will hold discussions with industry partners to improve the platform’s support for app experiences based on blockchain technology. 

Google will implement its new regulations for blockchain games in a phased manner. Certain modifications will become visible during the upcoming summer months. By embracing NFTs and formulating guidelines that promote responsible utilization, the firm is exploring the potential of blockchain technology.

The new blockchain policy will create more interactive and enjoyable user experiences across various apps and games.