We can encounter different opportunities in Metaverse, but child safety is an important issue in this digital world still. For the issue, the value of artificial intelligence (AI) is considered because this technology has a significant power to develop metaverse platforms for children. 

Fortunately, Onchain Studio, the force behind Cryptoys, has introduced an ingenious solution: ChatGuardian. This AI chatbot seamlessly fuses with Onchain Studio’s network, empowering children to partake in secure conversations with their NFT characters. 

OnChain Studios has previously been funded with $23 million from notable investors, like a16z, Dapper Labs, and Mattel. Now, it is preparing to launch ChatGuardian for adult collectors first, followed by a subsequent release aimed at children.

What is ChatGuardian by Onchain Studios?

ChatGuardian offers a parent control center that allows limiting particular words and topics. Parents will log into Cryptoys’ Guardian Control Center to follow their children’s communication and create a safe conversation environment for their kids.

It promotes direct interaction between kids and virtual toys, introducing digital ownership and NFTs. This aids young individuals in understanding complex digital concepts, often challenging for adults.

Onchain Studios has spent two years working on this project, which will initially be introduced in its popular Zoo-F-O collection. Earlier this month, the digital toy company organized a Zoo-F-O livestream giveaway. 

Participants were instructed to complete and share a post with the hashtag #CryptoysCollects. They became eligible for a chance to win a 3-pack of Zoo-F-O Cubes, which was announced during the livestream along with the Zoo-F-O Origin Story.

Just recently, Cryptoys introduced Zoo-F-O pals. Zoo-F-O pals is a graphic that fans can download, fill out, and have fun together reposting with the hashtag #CryptoysCrew.

About Cryptoys

Cryptoys is a subsidiary of Onchain Studios. Its NFTs fuse toys, gaming, and entertainment, resulting in a playable universe. 

The subsidiary, which was launched in 2021, introduced animated collectibles that spring to life upon unwrapping, heralding a groundbreaking chapter for the toy and game industry. 

By injecting fun and accessibility into the collection and gaming process, Cryptoys is set to broaden the scope of the NFT market. 

Final Word

The emergence of Web3 has brought exciting possibilities for nearly every sector of the economy. Now, Cryptoys is tapping into its resources, revolutionizing the way children play, interact, and learn. With continuous advancements in this field, we can expect even more groundbreaking developments to shape the decentralized web’s influence in the toy industry.