Google has adopted a more lenient stance regarding advertisements promoting NFT gaming; it will permit developers to run ads for their Web3 games. 

In 2018, Google adopted a stringent approach toward cryptocurrency advertising across its platforms due to the industry’s inherent uncertainty. The tech giant did not specify whether the ban would be permanent or subject to review at a later date.

By June 2021, the company had eased its stance and relaxed its prohibition. It permitted certain companies that create cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets targeting the United States to advertise on the platform. However, these companies must have registered with the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network; they must have been registered as a money services business or a federally or state-chartered bank entity.

Starting on September 15, Google will permit advertisers who promote NFT games. However, it will not endorse gambling-related content to advertise their goods and services.

Google does not allow gambling ads.
Google doesn’t want the ads about gambling-related content.

Advertisers must adhere to Google’s gambling and games policy to secure approval for their advertisements. They must also acquire the requisite Google Ads certification and fulfill specific criteria. 

Google will promote NFT-based games that allow players to purchase in-game items, such as virtual clothing for their characters, weaponry, or armor. This feature will augment the gaming experience and aid in advancing within the game.

The company has banned certain game advertisements that permit players to wager or stake NFTs in exchange for the chance to win tangible real-world assets (including other NFTs). Additionally, it will proactively forbid social casino games that provide incentives linked to NFTs. It has also banned real money gambling platforms featuring gambling-related advertisements on gaming platforms.

Furthermore, the company has stipulated that any policy breach will not result in an immediate account suspension without prior notice. Instead, a warning will be issued, with at least 7 days’ notice, before any account suspension takes effect.