Event Alert! On November 3, Midgard Clash will put its character chest called Second Quest Character Sale on the market. Pre-sale will start on November 3, 17.00 UTC. You should know that pre-sale limits are 5000 for each chest right now. Then, public sale will start on November 3, 19.00 UTC, and we will encounter upgrading on November 4, 21.00 UTC. Public sale limits will be 1000 guaranteed and the remaining from Pre-Sale for each chest. 

There is the latest development in the game industry called play-to-earn that is a business model embracing the concept of an open economy. Also, the model offers financial benefits to all players who add value to the game world. In play-to-earn projects, the value of tokens is preserved, and Midgard Clash gives importance to the situation. In Midgard Clash’s sale, there is only the sale of characters, not the sale of weapons. We would like to inform you that the sale of weapons by Midgard Clash is finished.

In Midgard Clash’s game, the players would have to select weapons (maximum 3 for 1 dungeon) from their weapon inventory that would be used throughout the duration of a game session. Players would then get to choose the character that they would like to take to the dungeon. The character and weapon attributes would determine the “number of attack powers” that a player would get for each game session. The option to choose the duration (6 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours) of the game would pop up next. The next screen would show a timer that starts counting down the selected duration. In the game, there are five different characters and five types of weapons. Each character has one weapon in the upgrade system; Thor has Mjölnir, Loki has Laevetainn, Odin has Gungnir, Heimdallr has Höfuo, and Frithiof has Angurvadal. In addition, there are five different rarities that are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and ownership.

The release date of Midgard Clash’s game is 10th November 2021. As we mentioned above, pre-sale will start on November 3, 17.00 UTC while public sale will start on November 3, 19.00 UTC. Pre-sale is limited by 5000 for each chest, and you should know that there will be only 1000 chests if you will miss the pre-sale. Bronze Nordic Coin holders will have access to the Bronze Chest pre-sale, and Gold Nordic Coin Holders will have access to two chests pre-sales which are bronze and silver. You can reach the trailer of the game via the below video.

In the game, there are 50 weapon ownership cards and 50 character ownership cards, and ownership cards are limited by 10 for each weapon and character. Each owner of the ownership card will have Dungeon, and there will be 300 Dungeons. These Dungeons will be distributed like this: 100 Dungeons will be separated for marketing, 100 Dungeons will be gone to the owners of ownership cards, and 100 Dungeons will be preserved for sale.

Website: https://midgard.cards/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/midgardnft

Pre-sale for Bronze and Gold Nordic Coin Holders: https://neftyblocks.com/c/midgardclash/drops/56478%2B56477

Public Sale: https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/84147+84148

Collection Link: https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/collection/midgardclash

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