Shortly after SoftConstruct’s first phygital store in Mall of Emirates late last year, the tech firm created another one. Running on the Fastex ecosystem, this new ftNFT shop is also located in Dubai. 

The launch of the second ftNFT shop was announced on Twitter a few weeks ago with a teaser video of the exciting things to expect from the shop including exclusive Arabian arts as NFTs. 

ftNFT is a phygital NFT shop that bridges the gap between NFTs and real life. As a result, NFTs don’t seem abstract any longer but are tied to physical items, such as clothes, paintings, pictures, and so on. 

As a platform, ftNFT makes it easier for artists to express their creativity and earn massively from it. It also allows NFT collectors to buy and sell NFTs in the physical world.

The Details of the Second ftNFT Shop

Previously, ftNFT opened a physical shop in December 2022 that garnered lots of media attention and praise for its concept and exceptional customer service. 

This new one is located in the Dubai Mall (the world’s largest mall) and promises to be even more alluring for customers given the mall’s wide international appeal. 

The shop boasts a new NFT gallery where artists can lease enviable spots to display their NFTs and other forms of art to a number of shoppers. All NFTs showcased can be purchased very easily. Additionally, there are 3D scanners available for customers to make full-body scans of themselves and get custom rooms in the Fastex Verse.

The grand opening ceremony took place on 17th March in Dubai Mall with a host of artists and performers from all over the world, including Armenian painter Tigran Tsitoghdzyan showcasing his new NFT collection and famous magician Luca Gallone!

Also on display was the mall’s very own NFT collection – a homage to Arabian culture – to celebrate the new store and highlight the history of those involved in making it possible. 
Commenting on the new shop, the CEO of Fastex, Vakhtang Abrahamyan, shared that making NFTs accessible was the company’s topmost priority. This is why they are committed to presenting NFTs digitally as well as physically. He described the shop as having  “high-end screens” and “physical exhibition spaces” for different forms of art and called it a brand-new experience.