Microsoft is currently developing a Web3 wallet that is compatible with both cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to integrate into its Edge web browser. 

Albacore, a software documenter and occasional information leaker, released screenshots of an alleged Edge user interface via a Twitter thread on March 17. The screenshots demonstrate what seems to be the early phases of the company’s new Web3 wallet. 

Also, the screenshots show that the Edge-integrated crypto wallet will support various cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, DAI, USDC, and USDT.

The wallet could be integrated into Edge, while also being non-custodial, meaning Microsoft will have no access to passwords or recovery keys.

The upcoming wallet has features that will enable users to trade, transfer, and purchase digital assets. It will be integrated with two platforms, Coinbase and MoonPay, which will assist in the acquisition and deposit of cryptocurrencies. 

The move to create such a wallet makes up one of Microsoft’s recent efforts to widen Edge’s capabilities. Microsoft aims to catch up to competitors, such as Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari which have so far been more popular.

Mainstream users will largely benefit from the wallet, which will make cryptocurrencies and NFTs more accessible and easier to handle. The news comes amid a growing trend of major tech companies showing interest in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain technology.

Microsoft’s Experiences in the Crypto Space

Microsoft is an important company that deals with cryptocurrencies and Metaverse. For instance, the company makes critical partnerships with different companies, like Ankr and Meta, for Web3 solutions. 

With its partnerships in the Web3 world, Microsoft is also investing in Web3 companies, such as WEMADE. Microsoft’s partnerships and investments show that the company is focusing on the power of Web3. 

To sum up, a web browser as famous as Edge getting a Web3 wallet is a significant step forward for cryptocurrencies and NFTs.