Jordan Castro, the co-founder of Doodles, has announced that the project is transitioning from being an NFT project into a reputable media company. 

About Doodles

Doodles is an NFT project with 8,888 unique hand-drawn characters randomly generated and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The Doodles are divided into 5 rarity levels: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical. 

The project was launched in August 2021 and quickly gained popularity among collectors and investors. 

The Doodles community is active and supportive with regular events, giveaways, and collaborations. The project has also spawned several derivative works and spin-offs, such as DoodleDAO, a community-run organization that aims to support and promote the Doodles ecosystem.

Doodles Revealed to No Longer Be an “NFT Project”

Castro, who also goes by Poopie, shared on Discord that Doodles intends to grow without the latest build in public trends that fuel speculation in the NFT space.

The announcement of Doodles' co-founder about the project's future
Jordan Castro’s Announcement on Discord, Source: Twitter

Castro added that “We are not going to spend any resources appeasing those with financial motivations. We never have and never will.”.

The post brought on a lot of criticism and Castro responded to such, asserting his interest in blockchain technology and declaring to continue the use of NFTs as the connective tissue between everything the team does. He went further to state that “Doodles is going to continue building experiences and products for ALL holders.”.

Data from NFT Price Floor indicates that the floor price, which is the value of the least expensive NFT listed on a secondary marketplace, of a Doodles NFT dropped by 13% after Castro’s announcements. 

Doodles’ Experiences in the NFT Space

Earlier this year, Doodles purchased Golden Wolf, an Emmy-nominated animation studio. The studio’s acquisition was made to accomplish Doodles’ goals of producing top-tier content and growing into a leading franchise. Doodles also announced the launch of gold socks last Wednesday. 

With the above experiences of the project, we can increase the number of efforts of the Doodles team in terms of NFTs, but now their goal is changing. It is time to wait for the new future of the project!